Craig Sjodin, Adam Larkey/ABC
April 05, 2010 12:00 AM

Olympic skating star Evan Lysacek is blogging for PEOPLE about competing on Dancing With the Stars — a competition that will be all the tougher now that he’s broken two toes! Here are his thoughts on last week’s surprise elimination and how he’ll do the quickstep in pain.

It’s been quite the week. First of all, I have to tell you how hard it was to see Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas eliminated last Tuesday. We all knew going into this show that the nature of a results show is saying goodbye to one couple. But it was a lot more difficult than any of us imagined. It was not fun at all.

Mark is a really close friend of mine — maybe one of my best buddies out here. And Shannen is such a great person. She’s what this show is all about. The improvement she made from week one to week two was astonishing. I’m not sure know what a tough time they had during rehearsals leading up to Monday night’s show. Mark had to go the hospital because he badly injured his knee. While he was being treated, Shannen had to learn the routine with a different partner right up until Monday night. Somehow Mark was able to rally and the two of them knocked out a great performance. We were all blown away by how she rose to the occasion. I hope she knows that we are all extremely proud of how well she performed on the show.

The next day Anna and I began rehearsing for our next dance, the quickstep. I felt a bit of an ache, and then a throbbing pain in my left foot. I got it checked out and was told two of my toes were broken. I’ve had much worse injuries that I’ve had to skate with and compete with, so I’m not too concerned. The tricky thing is that I’m rehearsing by day for Dancing With the Stars, and then every weekend I’m performing with Stars on Ice. This past weekend the tour kicked off in Florida. I had to grin and bear it when I was out there on the ice, but I love to skate.

Being on the road with Anna was so much fun. For the past six weeks I’ve been immersed in her world. Now I was able to finally show her in person where I thrive. The ice is home for me and the audiences on the road were amazing. The fans in every city we went to were so warm and enthusiastic. I have had the privilege of representing our country for years as a competitive figure skater. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my Olympic win than this tour. I’ve discovered there’s a considerable amount of crossover with skating fans and Dancing fans. It’s nice to hear that are appreciating how hard the dancing is. They tell me how much fun they are having watching the show and that means the world to me. I love that the genuine fun we’re having comes across to the audience watching at home.

Once Anna and I got back to Los Angeles, we went straight to the studio for the camera blocking and run-through of our routine. I think this week viewers are going to see a lot of terrific dancing from all of the couples. I really, really love the quickstep. As for my toes, I’m not worried. I will tape them up and hit the floor with the same 100 percent effort I give in training. I will not let them steal my thunder! A little pain won’t keep me off the ice, nor will it keep me off the dance floor. –Evan LysacekCraig Sjodin, Adam Larkey/ABC

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