By People Staff
May 17, 2010 12:00 AM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

It’s week 9 and we’re down to the final four couples!

I’m glad to say Anna and I are one of those couples, along with Chad and Cheryl; Erin and Maks; and Nicole and Derek. I can tell you we all are so excited we’ve made it this far. I’m told that the voting is so darn close between the four remaining couples that it’s completely unpredictable who will advance to next week’s finale. That’s why the judges’ scores are so important this week, as well as your continued votes. So now is not the time to hold back. Vote, vote, vote!

As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, I’ve been touring with Stars on Ice. The travel at times has been a challenge because it zaps Anna’s energy and mine. Getting a good night’s sleep has been a rarity. But last night after going through camera blocking at the studio, I had a nice dinner with my family. Then I went home and I’m pretty sure my head hit the pillow around 9 p.m.

This week, Anna and I are performing the foxtrot and the paso doble. Our fox trot is very traditional and classy. We drew inspiration for this dance from Gene Kelly, his old movies and YouTube videos. I really like it a lot.

For our second dance, the paso doble, we varied a bit from tradition. We have a sort of Twilight-inspired storyline where I play a vampire who’s stalking his prey … which is Anna, of course. We had a lot of fun with this one and hope the audience does as well.

Speaking of the audiences, I have to tell you that we all appreciate the enthusiasm and support we’ve gotten this season. The live audiences at the shows are incredible. I often skate for audiences of 10,000 or more in an arena at any given time. But at Dancing with the Stars, the studio audience is about 700 . Sometimes we’re dancing within a foot of the sitting in the front row.

When I skate, it’s dark and there’s a spotlight on me and I can’t see into the crowd. But at the studio, I can look into the crowd and see faces. It’s so intimate and such an adrenaline rush to be that close to everyone.

The connection each of us has made with the fans is what makes us want to keep performing week after week. I think that’s the ultimate reason we all want to advance to next week’s finals. It’s not about the mirror ball trophy — though that would look cool on any one of our mantels! It’s about enjoying the experience up until the last possible second. We’re all putting a bit of pressure on ourselves because we don’t want things to end prematurely. Tonight’s show you will see four couples that have had THE BEST time doing the show this season. We’re going to go out there and put our best foot forward … – we owe it to you for being so loyal to us all season long. … – Evan Lysacek

Craig Sjodin/ABC