Eva Amurri Is Dating Chef Ian Hock Following Split from Kyle Martino: 'I'm Beyond Happy'

"He's super loving, creative, handsome and funny, and we have a ton in common," the actress and blogger said of her new boyfriend

Eva Amurri
Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty

Eva Amurri has found someone new.

In a Thursday post on her blog, Happily Eva After, the actress revealed that she's been seeing a chef named Ian Hock.

"I'm beyond happy to share with you that I have a wonderful boyfriend in my life!" she wrote. "His name is Ian, he's super loving, creative, handsome and funny, and we have a ton in common."

"He's also 6'4" and makes me feel like a small little person which at 5'10" myself is NOT easy to do," continued Amurri, 35. "Before you ask for ALL the deets (and photos), I'll also share that he is NOT a public figure, and is actually a pretty private person. Because of this, we are still figuring out how we want to share parts of our relationship in a way that makes us both comfortable."

Though she hasn't shared any photos of the couple, Amurri did post a few shots of herself that were taken by Hock. "I love how he sees me," she captioned the portraits on Instagram, tagging him as the photographer.

Still, she did reveal some details about the budding romance in her blog post, including that they met when she went to his restaurant for dinner with a friend who attended high school with him.

"We ended up chatting and had an immediate connection and spark," she wrote. "I thought he was cute and easy to talk to, but I knew nothing about his life or relationship status, and neither did my friend. So I followed him on Instagram, and he followed me back. We started chatting, and for a month just really got to know each other well from exchanging messages and laughing together via text."

The two discovered their shared passions — "both foodies, love going to museums, both Bookworms, both speak French" — and formed a "really special friendship" before beginning to officially date.

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Amurri's new relationship comes about a year after she finalized her divorce from former pro soccer player Kyle Martino. The exes share sons Mateo Antoni, 10 months, and Major James, 4, plus daughter Marlowe Mae, 6.

On her blog, Amurri said that Hock has formed relationships with her kids and is "so supportive" of her coparenting relationship with Martino, 39.

"It means the world to me that he knows and understands how much Kyle means to me and to the kids, and some of my happiest days have been when we have spent time all together," she wrote. "I LOVE IT. To anybody embarking on dating after divorce, or thinking about whether you're ready: there is happiness out there!"

"It's so important to stick to your guns about what you want and are looking for," Amurri concluded. "Don't settle! Don't ever apologize for your journey, and don't be scared to make yourself vulnerable and open up again. There are amazing people out there who will make the fear feel more like excitement. Sometimes the most rewarding leaps in life are the leaps of faith."

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