'Euphoria' 's Chloe Cherry Says Dating Sugar Daddies 'Taught' Her How She 'Wanted to Be Treated'

"I will never again accept a guy that doesn't want to at least try to take care of me in some way and doesn't try to actually be chivalrous in some way," Chloe Cherry said

Chloe Cherry has learned a lesson or two about dating.

The 24-year-old Euphoria actress revealed that she used to date sugar daddies during an appearance on Nick Viall's Viall Files podcast.

Sugar dating is a transactional dating practice typically characterized by an older, wealthier person spending time with a younger person in need of financial assistance in a mutually beneficial relationship. On the podcast, Cherry said she used to have "a bunch" of sugar daddies.

"I don't have any sugar daddies anymore," she added. "I do still talk to some of those sugar daddies as friends, but we're just friends now."

Cherry said that "having a sugar daddy is kind of like dating except you're dating for different reasons."

"They, again, are providing something for you, so you're dating based off of literally what they're providing for you, which I feel like a lot of people do in normal dating. But at least with sugar daddies, it's only rich guys who only want to spend their money on you," she continued. "I used to have a bunch of different ones that I would talk to and staff. I always would choose someone who was funny. Even if you're going to be my sugar daddy, I still want you to make me laugh."

Cherry said her sugar daddies weren't guys she was genuinely interested in dating, though they "still had to be giving enough" for her to want them around. In some cases, they were "nicer" than the men she dated outside of these arrangements.

Knowing that she's "never going to do that again," Cherry shared the lessons she learned from the experience.

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"Having a sugar daddy taught me a level of acceptance of treatment," she said. "I will never again accept a guy that doesn't want to at least try to take care of me in some way and doesn't try to actually be chivalrous in some way."

Added Cherry, "Why would I accept that when I know it's out there? I know there are people out there that want to treat me really well. It kind of taught me the standard of how I wanted to be treated."

Chloe Cherry
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty

At this time, Cherry said she is "single but dating around."

"[I'm seeing] 10 people. Right now, I like to just see a lot of different people so I don't need too much from one person," she said, adding that "dating multiple people has been the best thing for me to figure out what I want and don't want from another person."

In addition to candidly addressing her past with sugar daddies, the actress has also spoken about being an adult film star. But after appearing in more than 200 pornographic projects, she revealed on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she is "done" with the industry.

"The only thing that sucks about working in porn is the way that people will treat you outside of the industry," she said in March. "I lost a lot of female friends because they thought I couldn't be around them or their boyfriend would say, 'No, you can't hang out with her.' And they actually would listen to them, which I thought was the craziest part."

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