Happy Birthday, Eugene Levy! His Most Amazing Throwbacks with Son Dan

Schitt's Creek's on- and off-screen father-son duo have an un-brow-lievably close relationship, filled with love, humor and great genes

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Toronto Beginnings

Dan Levy Instagram
Eugene (right) and Dan Levy. Dan Levy Instagram

The co-creators of the Netflix hit Schitt's Creek had a fairly normal father-son relationship before Daniel got bit by the acting bug.

"I'd love to regale you with stories of hilarious antics, but yeah, I got into trouble a lot," Daniel, who played David Rose, told PEOPLE of his typical upbringing in Toronto with his legendary comedic actor father Eugene. "He made me do my homework. He grounded me."

Eugene, who played Johnny Rose, not only shared his love of acting, but he also generously passed down his famous brushy brows, which are just beginning to form in this adorable flashback photo.

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Following in Dad's Footsteps

Dan Levy Instagram
Dan Levy. Dan Levy Instagram

Even though Eugene didn't want his son or daughter, Sarah, who played Twyla Sands on the Netflix comedy, to feel pressure to become actors, the inevitable happened.

"There's something about raising kids in a show-bizzy kind of environment that's a little scary," Eugene told PEOPLE. "Toronto is just a very normal town. They could grow up with all options open to them of what they wanted to do. We didn't want them to be locked into show business. Of course the irony is they both went into acting — and now we're all on a show together."

Need proof that Daniel was destined to be a star?

"Me. Being dramatic (for a change)," Daniel captioned this theatrical throwback.

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Dan Levy and Euugene Levy
Dan (right) and Eugene Levy. Dan Levy/ Instagram

"Workin' on our act since '83," Daniel captioned this precious shot of the duo posing with the same face. Although he might have loved to mimic his father as a child, Daniel drew the line, as an adult, at his hair.

"When he came in to do our show, he sat down and the hair and makeup team sort of did this coif … and he really responded to it, and now wears that every day," Daniel told PEOPLE. "What he didn't necessarily realize is that it was my haircut at the time, so now we sort of have a very similar haircut. I remember thinking like, 'Oh you just … that's my hair. I guess you can have it,'" he added.

All jokes aside, Daniel has credited his father for teaching him everything he knows.

"Watching him work has been one of the great master classes for me in how to do it right," said Daniel. "He's handled his career with such grace and poise and respect and really informed how I want to continue running my professional career."

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Like Father, Like Son

Eugene Levy with Son Daniel
Eugene Levy with son Daniel. Ken Faught/Toronto Star via Getty Images

First the brows ... now the hair ... the uncanny resemblance continued to blossom as Daniel got older. Case in point: This sweet photo of the two taken back in Toronto. Daniel is seen matching his father in a dress shirt, tie and glasses.

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Levy Yearbook Photo: Take 1

Dan Levy Instagram
Eugene Levy's High school photo. Dan Levy Instagram

How much more could Daniel take after Eugene, you ask?

Here's Eugene posing in his yearbook photo wearing black-framed glasses and a collared shirt.

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Levy Yearbook Photo: Take 2

Dan Levy Instagram
Dan Levy's High school photo. Dan Levy Instagram

Here's Daniel posing in his ninth grade yearbook photo, also wearing black-framed glasses in a collared shirt.

Coincidence? We think not.

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Funny Family of Four

Eugene Levy
The Levy Family. Chris Farina/Corbis via Getty Images

This family throwback of Deborah, Eugene, Sarah and Daniel, taken at the BMG Grammy afterparty, shows just how similar each Levy child looks to each of their parents. It highlights the fact that Deborah and Eugene basically gave birth to mini versions of themselves.

Daniel told PEOPLE that working almost every day together for seven years with his dad and sister has brought the entire family closer than ever.

Eugene sweetly added, "I never get over the fact that I'm actually on set with my kids."

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The Levys Take Flight

Dan Levy Instagram
Dan and Eugene Levy. Dan Levy Instagram

Even though Schitt's Creek sadly ended after season 6, fans can always rely on these two to make them laugh, even if it's just through their priceless father-son photos.

This 2013 gem shows the funny men enthusiastically "ridin' dirty" as father and son.

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