The host was roundly criticized on social media for her reaction to the romantic proposal

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated May 12, 2015 12:15 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

When Noah Galloway proposed to girlfriend Jamie Boyd on Dancing with the Stars on Monday, host Erin Andrews was roundly criticized on social media for what appeared to be an annoyed reaction on her part.

However, the host went into damage-control mode on Twitter, insisting that her reaction wasn’t what it seemed to many – she was trying not to cry!

After responding directly to a few of her critics (“It’s called an emotion,” she Tweeted at one user accusing Andrews of rolling her eyes), Andrews finally posted a screenshot of her tearful face to set the record straight.

“What a moment,” she Tweeted. “Sorry my ugly cry face made its debut … love you Noah and Jamie.”

It’s pretty clear by the image that she was, indeed, overcome with emotion over Galloway’s proposal, but a few remained unconvinced:

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Andrews also responded to one user calling her “awkward” for standing between Galloway and Boyd: “And go where?” she asked.

She told another to “give [her] a break”: “I was holding back tears on national TV.”

Not everyone’s a critic, however – Andrews received an ample amount of support from her followers: