Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley has seen have seen Paris and has seen France — but she hasn't seen Erika Girardi's underpants

By Dave Quinn
December 20, 2016 10:00 PM

Dorit Kemsley, the newest Housewife on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has spent much of her three episodes on the hit Bravo show so far boasting about how well-traveled she is. But while she’s seen Paris, and she’s seen France — Kemsley definitely hasn’t seen Erika Girardi’s underpants!

That’s because Girardi isn’t wearing any.

On Tuesday’s all new episode, Dorit, 40, found herself face to face with a whole new side of Girardi, 45, when the singer showed to a pre-drinks gathering for a white party being held at one of Vanderpump’s restaurants wearing a stunning short designer dress and no underwear.

“It doesn’t look good under my dress,” Girardi said, defending her decision to go commando. “Why would I break up a beautiful design with a panty line?” Really?”


Her au naturale fashion choice was fine until Lisa Vanderpump jokingly put her hand up Girardi’s skirt, looking for a pair of underpants to donate to Housewife Kyle Richards — whose white underwear was showing through her white outfit. The motion caused Girardi to “flash the puss,” as it were.

“Don’t put your hands up my skirt unless you want to see what’s up there,” Girardi sassed. “Don’t push me Ms. Vanderpump — I’ll take you there. I told you that.”

While everyone was laughing at the time, Kemsley didn’t seem to be later on.

The next day while at home, she and her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley discussed the peek-a-boo moment. And though Dorit admitted she first thought it was “no big deal” since “we all have done without any underwear,” she questioned whether Girardi had deliberately flashed everyone – especially Paul, who was seated directly across from her.

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“I know this — if I was going there in a short skirt and there was a man sitting in front of me, I would do everything in my power to make sure my legs were crossed,” Dorit said. “Or I’d have a napkin over it or a pillow over my lap. I’d do something about it.”

“Maybe Erika’s bits are available for the world?” Paul wondered.

He added: “Obviously I’m a straight male and I noticed quite early on. But I’m never going to say anything because it’s quite inappropriate. I was getting … embarrassed. I’m sitting there and I’ve got to focus and I kept looking down. What am I supposed to say? Close your legs darling, I don’t like the view? I didn’t mind the view!”

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Dorit wasn’t upset with her husband for looking. “He’s a man for crying out loud,” she said. “I completely understand why PK could not stop staring at Erika’s hoo-ha.”

She just wanted to make sure her husband didn’t really like it. “Just tell me one thing — were you a little turned on?” she asked him.

“Not in the slightest,” Paul responded.

In the end, Dorit said she would give Girardi the benefit of the doubt. “Maybe she didn’t have her most ladylike moment — these things happen,” she said. “But I think Erika’s got a good sense of humor, so let me have a joke and have a lap with her.”

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Making fun of Girardi might be the wrong move for Dorit, though. Especially since earlier in the cocktail conversation, Girardi made it known she wasn’t interested in the often-insulting British humor. “How ’bout we just celebrate and be nice to one another?” she asked.

“That’s too American, darling,” Vanderpump responded — before Girardi quickly reminded her “we’re in America!”

The conversation confused Dorit. “I don’t know why people don’t get the English humor,” she said. “There’s definitely a fine line. I think American’s need to take a deep breath.”

Girardi wasn’t backing down. “You’re an American, what are you talking about? You were born in Connecticut!,” she said — in what will likely be one of the most quoted lines of the season.

A dumbfounded Dorit stood up for herself, assuring Girardi that as an American, she was simply saying Americans need to “take a deep breath and chill out.” But Girardi’s quick reaction ultimately confused her. “You’ve got this aura about you — very, very strong [but] a bit guarded,” Dorit told Girardi.

“I think in life, when you meet people for the first time, it’s good to be guarded,” said Girardi. “I just am what I am. I don’t trust everybody. Friendship is earned, respect is earned — it’s not just given.”

“No one understands, but I’m a real introvert,” she continued — saying her out there Erika Jayne stage personally is just a persona. “I’m a real introvert. Shy — I’m all of that.”

She didn’t have Dorit convinced. “I’m not really buying it,” the new Housewife told viewers. “Snooty, a bit. Cold, frigid —yes. Introverted? No.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.