From petty disagreements to iconic insults, these are the sibling arguments we still aren't over

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has packed in a whole lot of sister-on-sister drama over its 18 seasons.

Despite their family-first mantra, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Rob, Kendall and Kylie did grow up in front of the cameras, so several unforgettable fights were bound to make it on screen. From petty, light-hearted disagreements to near relationship-destroying feuds and iconic insults, these are the sibling arguments we still aren’t over.

Kim and Kourtney’s Fight Gets Physical 

The topic of Kourtney not wanting to film Keeping Up With the Kardashians is not a new one, but the season 18 premiere wathe first time that Kim and Kourtney have physically fought over the eldest Kardashian’s apathy when it comes to the family’s reality show. In the past, the family has play-fought, dragging one another around the house or getting a purse swung in their general direction, but this was different.

In the scene, the sisters (minus Kylie Jenner) are all talking about filming, when Kim brings up her work ethic … or lack thereof. That’s when things turn physical, with Kourtney going at Kim.

Kim told Jimmy Fallon of the fight, “We shut down production for a week after that. I think everyone was really shook for a minute and just was like, ‘This isn’t our type of show. We want everyone to be comfortable and safe.’”

“But, you know, that happened. And I don’t really ever resort to violence that, but she scratched me so hard,” she continued. “I was bleeding. You didn’t really get to see that detail, but when I looked down at my arm and I saw she had really scratched me … I just went over and slapped her back. It’s not my proudest moment, but we were going through it.”

The sisters are fine now, according to Kim, and Kourtney has since taken a step back from the show.

Kim and Khloé Accuse Kourtney of Not Sharing Enough of Her Life on KUWTK

The Kardashians have spent over a decade sharing intimate details about their lives so when Kim and Khloé decided Kourtney wasn’t holding up her part of the bargain, they had no problem calling her out. However, things got heated when the two decided to secretly follow Kourtney to find out what she’s been hiding from the cameras, which left Kourtney feeling angry and confused. “This is so crazy,” the mom of four said during her confessional. “If they wanted privacy, I would never expose them,” she continued, referring to her sneaky sisters following her to what was revealed to be a meeting for Poosh.

Kim and Kourtney Fight About Their Daughters’ Candyland-Themed Party

Dedicated fans of the show know that Kourtney has very specific dietary restrictions when it comes to the food she keeps in her house for her children. While Kim and Kourt discussed their Candyland-themed joint birthday party for their daughters North and Penelope, the sisters went head to head over the type of candy that would be served at the party.

Kim Accuses Kourtney of Copying Her Style 

After Kim accused Kourtney of copying her style in 2019, the sisters started exchanging heated texts and hurling around insults at one another. It all started when Kourtney sought the advice of her sisters while deciding what to wear for her 40th birthday party. Khloé suggested calling Kim, but Kourtney immediately said, “I don’t know if I trust her [Kim’s] opinion the most.” When Kim gets on the phone and Khloé tells her, “[Kourtney] wants me to call Kendall [Jenner] because she doesn’t care about you and I,” things got heated. “Well if she doesn’t care,” retorted Kim, “why do you keep picking out the same clothes?”

Kim Calls Kourtney a “F—– Fake Humanitarian Hoe” 

And it only got worse from there. The sisters argued over text with Kim calling Kourtney an “ungrateful b—-” and Kourtney responding, “You’re going to school to become a lawyer and help the world and these are the kinds of problems you have?”

Kim hit back by calling Kourtney a “f—— fake humanitarian hoe.” Kim reasoned, “I actually do s— for the world and you f—— fake it all day long and act like ‘Oh there’s people dying, Kim.’ And what the f— are you doing about it? So shut the f— up.”

Kourtney Doesn’t Want to Do a Photo Shoot, Part 1

Kim was on a mission to coordinate everyone’s schedules and make a 2017 family Christmas photo shoot happen, but Kourtney wasn’t about to make any concessions. “No one wants you in the f—ing shoot. Get the f— out of here and go,” Kim told her, adding after she stormed off, “I need Kourtney to not be so f—ing annoying with a stick up her a— like she f—ing runs this s—, because she doesn’t. She’s the least exciting to look at, so she can be out.”

Kourtney Doesn’t Want to Do a Photo Shoot, Part 2

The scheduling drama continued when Khloé called a sobbing Kourtney, giving Kim the chance to jump in on their speakerphone conversation. “You don’t do s—, so be accommodating to the people that actually do s—,” the KKW Beauty creator told her sister. “You’re a very distraught, evil human being,” Kourtney hit back as our jaws hit the floor, “I don’t agree with who you are as a human being.”

Kylie Won’t Let Kendall Borrow a Dress

Kendall wanted to wear one of Kylie’s “favorite brown dresses” after the 2015 ESPYs, and the youngest Jenner declined her request. An epic fight ensued, during which Kendall turned to Kylie’s dogs and dropped the savage line, “I’m sorry your mom is such a c—-.”

Khloé Lashes Out at Kourtney’s Distraction

Kourtney’s constant lateness and seeming disinterest in spending time with her sisters has sparked a number of smackdowns with Khloé. The Good American entrepreneur got particularly irritated during a trip to San Francisco, calling Kourtney “a waste of space” and “annoying as f— when we’re together.” Not one to back down, the eldest Kardashian hit back with, “F— you, you f—ing pregnant whore!”

Kim Lies to Kendall and Kylie

Way back in the early days of KUWTK, Kim lied to her kid sisters to get out of spending time with them. The pair caught her in her tall tale when they showed up with their “get well soon” flowers. Letting her sassiness shine, Kendall smashed the vase on the ground.

Kourtney Refuses to Be in Kim’s Video Game

Kim got deeply offended when Kourtney was refusing to let her likeness be used in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. “I’ve done so much for you. And for Scott to call me and say, ‘You should buy her a pair of shoes to put her character in the game,’ ” Kim said. “I said to Scott, ‘I’m not buying her a f—ing pair of shoes, I bought her a f—ing career!'”

Rob Gives Kendall’s iPad to Blac Chyna

In the middle of his whirlwind romance with Blac Chyna, Rob gave his then-girlfriend an iPad that Kendall had gifted him at Christmas. “Rob is dating someone that has kind of had a bad history with my family, on top of it, it’s totally annoying to find out on social media because his girlfriend posted it,” the model said during an interview. Along with Kylie, Kendall got her brother on the phone to tell him how “not cool” it really was via a screaming match.

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Khloé Doesn’t Like Kim’s Then-Fiancé, Kris Humphries

After finding out that Khloé and other members of the family had questioned her relationship with her then-fiancé Kris Humphries, Kim decided it was time for a confrontation. Despite Khloé’s claim that she was just being “protective” of Kim and that “everyone else is having concerns” about their nuptials, the bride-to-be remained furious, even claiming she didn’t want her sister at her wedding.

Rob Steals Kim’s Car

Kim called the police when her beloved Bentley went missing. Soon after officers arrived, Rob pulled in the garage behind the wheel of the car. Kim was not amused.

Kim Won’t Give Kourtney Her Dog Back

Kim and Kourtney got matching puppies for their daughters, North and Penelope. Unfortunately, Penelope’s pup ended up being significantly better behaved. Kim attempted to pull off a dog switch-a-roo, but Kourtney was not going to let it happen.

Khloé, Kourtney and Rob Make Fun of Kim

In this vintage KUWTK moment, Kim got so frustrated with her siblings’ behavior at a car dealership that she attacked Khloé with a purse when she reunited with them at Rob’s apartment. (Warning: NSFW language)

Kourtney Doesn’t Care That Kim Loses Her Earring in the Ocean

The trio of sisters were totally thrown off when they found out about Rob’s engagement to Blac Chyna through the Internet, instead of directly from him. There was not an ounce of chill to be found when it was time for a confrontation.

Kourtney and Kim Bail on Khloé

The sisters planned to go out for a dinner, but Kourtney and a pregnant Kim were so wrapped up in checking out baby gear that they decide to stay in. Khloé was beyond fed up with all of their “baby stuff” and lack of communication.

Rob and Kim Trade Insults

The duo’s sibling squabbles got so intense during a family vacation that Kim’s then-fiancé Kris threatened to get physical.

Kylie Ditches Her Sisters at a Club

Khloé, Kendall and Kourtney came out to support Kylie at her Galore cover release party. There was just one problem: Kylie wanted to go to another club with then-boyfriend Tyga. Khloé was not impressed, and she let her little sister know it.

Kim Hits Back at Rob For Making Fun of the Family

Rob and Blac Chyna seemed to be making fun of Kris and Kylie online, even posting memes about them. Kim called her brother on behalf of her mom and sister to let him know his behavior wasn’t acceptable. “There are so many haters in the world, we do not need it from our own inside circle … Everyone has to just not be blasting people on social media,” she told him.