The Cast of 'Empire' Dishes on Next Week's Shocking Episode (VIDEO)

"Everything goes crazy," Jussie Smollett says of the upcoming episode.


Just when you think Empire can’t get any more shocking, it does.

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek at next week’s episode, “Sins of the Father,” including insights from the cast about the most jaw-dropping moments in store.

Andre gets help – from Jennifer Hudson!

“The final step for Andre is the fact that his father doesn’t come to visit him,” Jussie Smollett (who plays Jamal) says of what pushes Trai Byers’s bipolar character over the edge while seeking psychiatric help. “It’s kind of reminiscent of how it was with Cookie in jail. Once again, he turns his back on somebody; it’s what he does.”

But in addition to his doctor, musical therapist Michelle White (Hudson) steps in to help Andre.

“She starts to get to the core of Andre and really bring him out of his shell to truly become who he is,” adds Smollett.

Camilla faces the wrath of Cookie and Lucious

“Cookie has a major issue with Camilla,” Taraji P. Henson says of her character’s beef with her youngest son Hakeem’s (Bryshere Gray) older girlfriend (played by Naomi Campbell). “She is my age. What [does she] want with my son? She feels like it is all an agenda to get to Hakeem’s money.”

But it appears Camilla should be more worried about Lucious (Terrence Howard), who is seen locking his son’s girlfriend in his office.

“I think Lucious is doing what any good father would do, protecting his son from someone that is potentially dangerous and harmful to his future,” explains Howard.

Even Smollett can’t wait to see what happens to Camilla.

“[Lucious] will always feel like he’s the one that has to control his sons, and if anybody else is coming and they’re going to step on his toes, he’s got to get rid of them,” Smollett says. “And Camilla? He’s not going to shoot her in the eye like he did Bunky. So what is he going to do?”

A gunman takes the Lyon Family hostage

Jamal’s ex-wife Lydia (Raven-Symoné) shows up to get her daughter Lola – but she doesn’t come alone.

“Cookie sees this young boy coming in the house, and she knows he’s up to no good,” says Henson.

“Everything goes crazy. There’s a hostage situation,” adds Smollett. “A huge, huge bombshell is dropped of what we thought was the truth, and Lucious is behind all of this.”

Empire airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Fox.

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