Leslie Jones Screams! Claire Foy Cries! All the Best Star Reactions to the Emmys' Surprise Proposal

Director Glenn Weiss used his Emmys acceptance speech to propose to his girlfriend, Jan, and stars couldn't handle it

The Emmys has its fair share of dramatic moments, but one emotional speech truly stopped the show – and got over-the-top reactions from even the most used-to-the-drama stars.

Oscars director Glenn Weiss took home the award for outstanding directing for a variety special and used his moment on stage to propose to his girlfriend, Jan.

After paying homage to his mom, who recently passed away, he turned his attention to another special lady.

“Mom always believed in finding the sunshine in things, and she adored my girlfriend Jan. Jan, you are the sunshine in my life,” he said. “And mom was right, don’t ever let go of your sunshine. You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend — because I wanna call you my wife.”

The venue erupted in applause as well as cheers and gasps from the star-studded crowd. Celebs couldn’t contain their emotions after witnessing the heartwarming moment.

Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones had perhaps the biggest reaction, letting out a yell of joy.

The comedian also took to Twitter immediately afterwards to share her thoughts.

“First of all, the man that’s gonna be with me, is gonna propose to me on the Emmys,” she said in a video posted to Twitter. “If you don’t do that, you ain’t serious about our love. Real talk, nah, nah.”

A shocked and giddy Benedict Cumberbatch, who attended with his wife, looked as if he was on the receiving end of a proposal himself, clapping enthusiastically and looking a little misty eyed.


While Javier Bardem was just overcome with joy. (Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor looked giddy as well.)


The Crown’s Claire Foy, who also took home a statue, was one of many stars to visibly break down and shed a tear at the display of affection.


This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown had a front row seat to the adorable moment and couldn’t help his shocked expression, now forever immortalized in the happy couple’s moment.


Glow actress Betty Gilpin was at a loss after the loving display and seemingly surprised by her own tearful reaction.

Jimmy Kimmel seemed to be holding back a tear or two while his wife, Molly McNearney, was simply elated.


Nonetheless, the cutest reaction in the crowd came from the lucky bride to be, who said “yes” even before her future husband got down on one knee.

While the proposal worked out perfectly for Weiss, the director revealed what he would have done instead if he didn’t win.

Backstage, Weiss told reporters he would have “waited until next year.” However he then changed his mind and say, “No, I suppose the ball, or In-N-Out burger, which is like our staple after award shows.”

Weiss also revealed that his now fiancée and late mother were pretty close before her death.

“My mom just passed two weeks ago, and it’s been really a whole lot of emotion and things. When my mom used to come watch rehearsals at the Tony Awards, and Jan was working there at the Tony Awards, I would find Jan and my mom off in a corner just talking all the time.”

“To the point where they started an email correspondence and all that stuff, and my mom would always say she was my friend first. I adore that. I love that story, because she was, and that’s what makes this feel bitter-sweet, but really, really nice.”


The televised proposal brought a moment of levity to a show that’s touched on some heavier subjects, including the lack of diversity at the show, as well as the victims of Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina.

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