From Best Zoom Background to Most Glam In Their Jams: 2020 Emmys Superlatives We're Giving Our Favorite Stars

Even if they're not taking home an Emmy tonight, these stars are winners in our eyes 

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Most Likely to Make Us Wish We Had Their Parents

Yvonne Orji emmys

Yvonne Orji : The Insecure star showed off her supportive parents during the E! red carpet pre-show and honestly, we wish they would adopt us. We don't think Yvonne would mind sharing!

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Most Likely to Bake the Best Cookies for Their Watch Party

Ted Danson

Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen: Let's get serious, their house is the real Good Place. See that stand mixer in the back? You know Ted mixes up a killer batch of cowboy cookies with that thing.

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Most Glam In Their Jams

Jameela Jamil/Instagram
Jameela Jamil/Instagram

Jameela Jamil: The Good Place actress looked cozy and chic in her white pajamas and sequined house coat.

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Most Likely to Change Careers After This

emmys 2020

Jennifer Aniston: The Morning Show star clearly has a knack for putting out fires. Though we'd hate to hide her famously great hair under a firefighter's helmet.

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Most Creative Zoom Set Up


Alex Borstein: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star donned a platinum wig, sipped a drink and lounged on a bed with her pup for the broadcast.

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Most Likely to Get Lost In Their Couture

Tracee Ellis Ross: Sometimes you just need to roll around your bed in your giant gown pre-Emmys. (OK fine, this was a throwback to 2019, but that fact doesn't make the moment any less glam.)

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Best Pre-Show Self Care Ritual

jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Jennifer Aniston: Face mask? Check. Pajamas? Check. Champagne? Check.

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Most Likely to Twirl Onto the Best Dressed List

Zendaya attends the 2020 Emmy Awards virtual event. Photo courtesy Luxury Law/Law Roach/Instagram
Courtesy Law Roach/Instagram

Zendaya: The Euphoria star looked absolutely stunning giving a twirl on her Instagram Story in her first Emmys look. (A pandemic isn't going to stop her from bringing serious fashion.)

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Most Enviable Cast Reunion

dan-eugene-levy emmys 2020
Dan Levy and dad Eugene Levy at the 2020 Emmy Awards. ABC

The cast of Schitt's Creek: We would have given anything - gotten any number of COVID tests - to join the masked and enthusiastic cast of the night's big winner.

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Most Likely to Still Be There For Each Other

Lisa Kudrow Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox
Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox. ABC

Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox: For very obvious reasons.

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Most Likely to Show Up to the Emmys in the Midst of a Pandemic

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman: The Ozark actor posed as a cardboard cutout at the start of the show, proving his dedication to being there with his pal, Jimmy Kimmel.

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Most Likely to Make Us Hit Pause So We Can Obsess Over Their Home

Amy Sherm

Daniel & Amy Sherman Palladino: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel creators not only wore some very interesting get-ups, they also posed in front of a prop Gilmore Girls fans will recognize.

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