If We Had Our Way, All 6 Nominees for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Would Win the Emmy This Year: Here's Why

Does a six-way tie sound possible?

The 2019 Emmy Awards are upon us, and there are plenty of talented folks nominated for awards. There is one slight problem: every single nominee for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series is hilarious, talented and deserves the win. Yeah, yeah, we know that not everyone gets a trophy, blah, blah, blah … but have you seen these shows? Here, we make our case for an unprecedented six-way tie. And the nominees are…

CAUTION: Mild Spoilers Ahead

Rachel Brosnahan is nominated for her role as Midge Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Rachel Brosnahan
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Brosnahan took home the Emmy last year for her role as fast-talking, hilarious and charismatic Midge. This year, she burst back onto the scene, continuing to charm the audience while also navigating the New York City dating scene (relatable, much?) and keep her secret. Brosnahan is nominated for her performance in episode five, “Midnight at the Concord.” In the episode, Midge performs a particularly vulgar stand-up set at a hotel, only to find outthat her father is in the audience.

If Brosnahan doesn’t win this time around for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy, we nominate her for OMG, How Is She Talking That Fast and Wearing That Dress?

Natasha Lyonne is nominated for her role as Nadia in Russian Doll.

Russian Doll
Courtesy Netflix

“Happy birthday, baby!” Lyonne plays Nadia — a woman who keeps dying and then reliving the same exact night of her life — with her signature bite and wit. Lyonne is nominated for the first episode of the season, in which Nadia discovers her very unique problem. Lyonne not only stars in the dark comedy, she also created it alongside Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland.

In conclusion, someone give Natasha Lyonne an Emmy for the way that she says cockroach (cock-a-roach) and for best hair.

Christina Applegate is nominated for her role as Jen in Dead to Me.


Applegate may be wondering how she managed to “sneak” into this group, but we certainly aren’t. Applegate plays Jen, a woman who recently lost her husband in a tragic hit-and-run car accident, looking for a way to grieve and for her husband’s killer. It may not sound exactly like a comedy, but it has its moments, thanks in part to Applegate playing Jen in such an outrageously abrasive, insensitive manner. Applegate is nominated for episode five of the Netflix series, “I’ve Gotta Get Away,” in which she heads to a grief retreat, attempts to snag a man, goes on a bender and almost gets hit by a car. In a show where there’s much going on, Applegate steers the ship.

Should she not take home the prize, we nominate Applegate for Best Snark Ever. Seriously, it’s enviable.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is nominated for her role as Fleabag in Fleabag.

Emmys Snubs and Surprises
Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag. Steve Schofield/Amazon Prime Video

Waller-Bridge is only the second person ever to be nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys for her creation of Fleabag and Killing Eve. Aside from these incredible honors, Waller-Bridge is also is up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and we aren’t surprised. She’s nominated for the first episode of the second season of Fleabag, in which her character (also called Fleabag) must sit through a horrendously awkward family dinner with a hot, swear-y priest. Waller-Bridge delivers her lines — both to her castmates and the camera — with a sharpness and authenticity that earned her a nom.

We take comfort in the fact that, if she doesn’t end up winning, she’ll end up with the Best Friend All of Us Want and Can’t Have award.

Catherine O’Hara is nominated for her role as Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek.

Emmys Snubs and Surprises
Steve Wilkie/Netflix

Schitt’s Creek fans have been lobbying for O’Hara to win an Emmy for years. The show itself is a delight, but O’Hara’s interpretation of Moira Rose — complete with a hilarious accent and many, many wigs — is truly something to be seen. This year, O’Hara is ready to get what she deserves for her hard work playing the Rose family matriarch and washed-up soap opera star. Here’s the scene from season five, episode one, that has O’Hara up for an Emmy. In this scene, Moira heads to Bosnia to film The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening, and it is truly hilarious.

We’re pretty confident that Moira Rose would still go up on stage at the Emmys to accept the award, even if she didn’t win. We think O’Hara should do the same.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is nominated for her role as Selina Meyer in Veep for the seventh time.

'Veep' TV Series - 2016

She’s nominated for her final episode as Selina Meyer in the season seven finale. In the finale, Meyer finally realizes her dream of becoming the president, but only after throwing those she is closest to under the bus and scheming to get there. In her final scenes, we see a full range of emotions from Louis-Dreyfus, who is no doubt gunning for one final Veep Emmy — she has won six.

A Television Academy favorite (clearly!) maybe Louis-Dreyfus will share her other awards with her fellow nominees?

You all can duke it out in the comments. We’ll be binge watching these hilarious ladies until the end of time.

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