Jimmy Kimmel Warns That His Friends Are 'in the Most Danger' When He Hosts the Emmys

The 68th annual Emmy Awards will air live from Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater on Sunday at 4 p.m. ET on ABC

Photo: Randy Holmes/ABC/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel‘s Emmy-nominated friends need to prepare themselves for when he takes the stage as host of the 68th annual Emmy Awards on Sunday.

Slated to host the show for a second time, Kimmel tells PEOPLE that there will be a significant difference between his his Emmys opener and his nightly Jimmy Kimmel Live! opening monologue.

“In a way it’s better because I know almost everybody in the crowd,” teases Kimmel, 48. “I mean, these are people that have all been on my show and they also know the camera is on them, so they have to be pretending to enjoy what I’m doing – because they know I will find those clips and punish them somehow in the future.”

Though Kimmel has his own shot at taking home hardware for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host has more nerves about his role as emcee than the possibility of hearing his name called in the outstanding variety talk series category.

“I never feel any pressure about being nominated because, it would be great if we won, but I don’t think we’re going to win and I don’t really care if we win or not. I don’t have that typical nervousness like, ‘Oh god, this is my shot,’ ” Kimmel tells PEOPLE. “I’m more nervous about hosting.”

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And just who does Kimmel think will take clinch victory for his category? “I think John Oliver will win our category. I think he’s very funny and he’s hitting on serious subjects [on Last Week Tonight], and I think that’s the kind of thing that seems award-worthy.”

With the Emmys just days away, Kimmel also offers a few clues as to who should prepare to hear their name checked during the ceremony.

“The people with whom I’m actually friendly are in the most danger usually because I know they can take a joke,” Kimmel says. “That works against them. Being a good sport is the worst thing you can be.”

The 68th annual Emmy Awards will air live from Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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