By Julia Emmanuele
Updated September 21, 2015 03:45 PM
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

All awards shows are pretty emotional. After all, you’re watching someone’s dreams come true! Right in front of your eyes! Like magic! But when it comes to tear-jerking moments, there are some that stand high above the rest.

The newest addition to the Emotion Hall of Fame might just be the 2015 Emmys, which were packed with heartwarming, cry-inducing moments from start to finish. And because we could all use a cathartic sob fest every once in a while, let’s take a moment to relive the most emotional moments of Sunday’s show. Just make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand – actually, you know what? Grab a whole box just to be on the safe side.

Jon Hamm Finally Wins
After seven long years of turning up to the Emmys and unjustly returning home empty-handed, Hamm finally won outstanding lead actor in a drama series. Naturally, we were overcome with emotion from the moment he flopped his way up onto the stage, and by the time he was done thanking his fellow cast members and the Mad Men crew, well, it was a little hard to see the screen through the tears.
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Amy Schumer Gives Her Sister a Shout-Out
Normally, when Schumer makes us cry, it’s because we’ve been laughing too hard, but when she accepted the award for outstanding variety sketch series, her heartfelt, genuine speech made us tear up for a whole different reason. “I want to thank my sister Kim, who’s the only reason I’m alive and breathing,” she said, and in that moment, sisters around the world started texting each other a series of heart and pizza emojis to express their love for one another.
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Regina King Wins Her First Ever Emmy
It’s hard to decide what was the most touching moment of King’s surprise win: the genuine look of shock on her face when her name was called, the ecstatic hug she got from friend Taraji P. Henson, who was presenting, or the heartwarming way she held her hand over her heart when she thanked her son.
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Uzo Aduba’s Tears of Joy
To say that Aduba was overwhelmed by her win for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series is a bit of an understatement. Everyone’s favorite Litchfield inmate sobbed her way through her emotional acceptance speech, and even if you weren’t crying alongside her as she thanked creator Jenji Kohan, you were probably bawling by the time the camera cut to Aduba’s equally-emotional sister wiping her eyes in the audience.
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Viola Davis Makes History
Look, we’re going to be honest with you: We burst into tears the second they called Davis’ name. Two lines into her powerful acceptance speech, we were passing a box of tissues around the newsroom; by the time the camera cut to Henson and Kerry Washington cheering with pride as Davis tearfully thanked them for helping women of color make an impact in Hollywood, well, let’s just say we needed another box.
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Tracy Morgan’s Triumphant Return
At the very end of the night, Morgan made a surprise appearance to present outstanding drama series after spending over a year in recovery from the deadly car crash that left him in critical condition. Once he walked out onstage to thank everyone for their support – and, in true Morgan fashion, promised to impregnate every single woman in the room – it was hard to tell if we were laughing, crying, or some wonderful combination of both.
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Amy Poehler Loses For the 16th(!) Time
No offense to the very funny Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but seeing Poehler get snubbed yet again for her role as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation made us cry harder than anything else that happened Sunday night. Who hurt you, Emmy voters? And why must you hurt us in return?
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