The American Horror Story actress tells PEOPLE it's all about exercise – not eating ice cream

By Anya Leon
Updated August 24, 2014 02:15 PM
Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

The morning of awards shows aren’t all glitz and glamour – and Sarah Paulson says if anyone says otherwise, then they’re clearly lying.

Before she walks the red carpet at Monday’s Emmys, the American Horror Story actress won’t be sunning poolside, indulging in some last-minute pampering or even sleeping in. Paulson, along with the rest of Hollywood, she says, will be going hardcore at the gym.

“I hate people who don’t admit that they’re doing things like that before they go because it’s a crock of s–––,” she told reporters at Saturday’s Television Academy’s Performers Nominee reception in Los Angeles.

“They’re like, ‘I just woke up and ate a pound of ice cream with my friend.’ It’s like, ‘No, you didn’t. You’ve been exercising since the last Emmys.’ ”

Paulson, 39, jokes, “I should look like Gisele [Bündchen] with the amount of exercising I do, but I don’t. It just tells you what I’d look like if I wasn’t doing any of it.”

But working hard to maintain her fit figure isn’t all Paulson has been up to. The actress has been working long hours on set, shooting the upcoming season of American Horror Story in New Orleans.

“We’re trying to bring it for everybody,” she says. “It doesn’t get stale. I could never have dreamt up this character … and now I’m playing a character with two heads. Where in the world would I ever get to do that but the world of Ryan Murphy?”


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