The actress transforms into the L.A. billboard icon for the miniseries, set to premiere on NBC's new streaming service, Peacock

By Claudia Harmata
April 16, 2020 09:08 AM

Emmy Rossum has traded in her dark tresses for some bright blonde locks in the newest teaser trailer for her upcoming series, Angelyne.

On Wednesday, NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, released the first trailer for the highly anticipated mini-series that tells the story of Hollywood icon Angelyne, who first made a name for herself in the ’80s after modeling on a series of billboards that only advertised her name in bold pink letters.

“So, what are you advertising?” Martin Freeman, whose character appears to work for a billboard company, asks Rossum at the beginning of the teaser. She replies, “Myself, of course.”

“You want to put up posters of yourself, just you, around the city?” he follows up.

“Mhm, yeah,” Rossum, 33, says. “Why not? Nobody’s ever done it, why not start now?”

Emmy Rossum as Angelyne
| Credit: Peacock

Seeming to agree to the intriguing proposal, the scene cuts to Freeman and the former Shameless star in a low cut pink top, admiring one of the ground-breaking Los Angeles billboards which features the model posing suggestively while a man tells her, “I bet people will talk about this 100 years from now.”

The teaser then jumps to a happy Angelyne, driving around town in her signature pink Corvette.

“I’m famous for being on billboards,” the actress tells a reporter in the clip. “I am a bright, pink light, here to inspire joy.”

Credit: Peacock
Credit: Peacock

The series also includes some archival footage of the late model — who went on to star in a number of shows and films, as well as release four albums — that was recreated for the show.

“If you want to grab people’s attention, you have to tease,” she explains to another reporter, before posing for him on the hood of her pink car.

Many consider Angelyneto have paved the way for the “influencers” of today, such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Her real identity was revealed to be Renee Tami Goldberg in a 2017 investigative report by The Hollywood Reporter, which the series is based on.

Angelyne is produced by Rossum’s husband, Sam Esmail, and also stars Girls alum Alex Karpovsky.

A release date for the show has yet to be announced, though Peacock is set to launch on July 15.