Emmy Winner Stephen Colbert Says Wife Evie Was a 'Huge Part' of Making His Show During COVID

Colbert said he planned to celebrate his Emmy win by calling his wife as soon as he could

After winning his tenth award at Sunday's Emmy Awards, Stephen Colbert gave a sweet shout-out to his wife, Evie McGee-Colbert.

The comedian, who was awarded Outstanding Variety Special, Live for The Late Show's special "Stephen Colbert's Election Night 2020," spoke with PEOPLE after his big win. When asked what he planned to do to celebrate, Stephen's answer was simple: call his wife.

"I'm going to call my wife to celebrate as soon as I get through all this because she was a huge part of this past year and this night, too," Stephen said.

He added, "You know, she's an absolute rock and I couldn't do this without her and I'm so glad — the only good thing that came out of Covid is that she got to be part of the show."

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Like many late night shows, Stephen took The Late Show remote when the pandemic started, filming episodes from his home from March 2020 through June 2021, when he returned to New York's Ed Sullivan Theater.

While filming from home, Colbert often enlisted the help of Evie for his segments, pulling in his wife for a Mother's Day bit in May 2020, during which the couple opened up about their holiday tradition.

Evie told viewers they celebrated Mother's Day with "coffee and breakfast in bed," and Stephen added that he made his wife scones "for years."

At the time, Stephen admitted to his wife, "I am a little nervous to have you on here," adding, "I want this to be a good experience for you!"

Evie joked, "I'll come back! I live here."

Later that month, Stephen celebrated his first "quarantine birthday" on his show, and was surprised by Evie while filming when she walked onto set with a cake for him.

During a 2016 episode of his show, Stephen told the audience how he first met his wife, per the LA Times. At the time, Stephen was in a relationship with another woman, who had given him a marriage ultimatum, he explained. When he realized he wasn't ready to get married after a conversation with his mom, he met Evie while attending an opera.

Stephen Colbert and Evie Colbert
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After seeing each other at the event, Evie and Stephen realized they had grown up together, he told his audience. That night, they "talked for two hours," Stephen said, "and I was completely taken."

"I thought, 'She's just being nice to me,' " Stephen admitted. "She's too beautiful, she's too perfect."

The late night host turned away for a minute while Evie was talking to someone else at the event, and was thrilled to find that "she was still there when I turned around," he told the audience, "smiling at me. And now we're married."

Evie and Stephen have been married since 1993 and share three children: Madeline, Peter and John.

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