Why 'Breaking Bad' Deserves (Another) Emmy, in One Scene (VIDEO)

Reward the perfect end to a near-perfect show

Photo: AMC

Ending a beloved show can be a tricky proposition. The ending to The Sopranos was befuddling, people are still upset over the aborted ending to Twin Peaks, and the finale to How I Met Your Mother was divisive, to say the least.

But the ending to Breaking Bad? Well, that might have been the closest the Western Hemisphere has come to television-watching unity since the M*A*S*H closer. The show’s final episode had something for everyone: Fans of action, acting and underrated power-pop all walked away satisfied.

Walter White’s affectionate tour ’round the ol’ meth lab, soundtracked to Badfinger’s “Baby Blue,” was the perfect comedown after the bullet-riddled climax to the show’s last episode. Quietly affecting, it was the farewell to the show that we all needed, even if we weren’t quite ready for it.

Give it all the Emmys.

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