See Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Navigate 'Some Multi-Reality Brain Magic S—' in 'Maniac ' Trailer

Maniac, also starring Justin Theroux and Sally Field, premieres Sept. 21 on Netflix

“It’s not therapy. It’s science.”

So claims Justin Theroux‘s Dr. James Mantleray in the new trailer for Netflix’s Maniac. The upcoming series tells the stories of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), two strangers drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial, each for their own reasons.

At the facilities of Neberdine Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Mantleray puts them through a new, radical kind of treatment that he says can repair anything through the brain.

“Once you begin to appreciate the structure of the mind, there’s no reason to believe that anything about us can’t be changed,” he says. “Pain can be destroyed. The mind can be solved.”

Michele K. Short/Netflix

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In the trailer, Annie and Owen navigate their way through “some multi-reality brain magic s—,” flashing through multiple scenarios, unable to discern “what’s real and what’s not” — but always finding their way back together.

Maniac is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective) and created by Patrick Somerville. It premieres Sept. 21 on Netflix.

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