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June 25, 2015 05:50 PM

Considering the fact that she plays a dragon-taming queen on Game of Thrones and an apocalyptic action hero in Terminator Genisys, so you’d expect Emilia Clarke to injure herself in a totally bad ass way.

“I want to say it’s from Parkour or something,” she told BBC Radio 1‘s Nick Grimshaw on Thursday of her stress fracture in her hip. “Something really brilliant, like I’m trying to vault a wall, but in reality I just slipped. It’s really boring. But by the end of the press tour I’m going to come up with the sickest story ever. It’s going to be pretty brilliant.”

Clarke, was photographed hobbling on crutches earlier this month, and she told Grimshaw that she even gave them names.

“They’re called Will and Ben, just so you know,” she said, transitioning from the mother of dragons to the mother of crutches.

As for Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) devastating death in the GoT season 5 finale.

Clarke told MTV that the show runners don’t trust her with secrets because she “can’t lie very well,” adding that she “has no idea what’s happening.” That’s not a no to Snow not really being gone, so fans can cling to that tiny glimmer of hope.

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Though she’s not into Parkour, Clarke did live on the edge on the set of Terminator, doing some stunts herself.

“My driving is pretty reckless anyway, so the whole me crashing every single vehicle I got into was a bit apt,” she joked. “It made sense.”

Terminator Genysis hits theaters July 1.

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