Ellen's War on Glitter

Yesterday on her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres expressed an unusual hatred — of glitter. Yes, glitter, the sparkly dust that adorns Holiday cards, wrapping paper and Mariah Carey. In fact, the comedienne felt so strongly about it that she said she might lobby the next President to push a bill through Congress to ban the shimmery stuff. At first we thought she was struggling with a joke without her team of writers but then a query popped up on her website where visitors can vote on whether it should be outlawed. We were shocked! Isn’t glitter an integral component of arts and crafts departments everywhere? Doesn’t it make childhood arts projects more brilliant, holiday displays more festive, our cosmetics more fun and the world a sparklier place? So what if a piece of errant glitter gets into your carpet or in your hair? Shouldn’t you just celebrate this added bit of shimmer in your life? –Katie Dickens

Tell us: Does Ellen have a misguided hatred of glitter? Or is her push to ban glitter good for the country?

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