Ellen Pompeo Reveals Her Ultimate Dream 'Grey's Anatomy' Guest Stars and They Involve Cats

If it were up to Ellen Pompeo, she would bring in a long list of celebrity guest stars on Grey's Anatomy

Photo: Art Streiber

Ellen Pompeo has a few ideas on who should be guest staring on the new season of the ABC hit show, Grey’s Anatomy.

When asked to reveal her dream guest stars during a new interview with Good Housekeeping, Pompeo admitted that “there’s a long list.”

“I love Jenna Dewan-Tatum,” she said. “I tweeted one time to Shonda Rhimes that I thought that Jenna and Taylor Swift should dress up as cats and get stuck in a tree and Channing should show up in a firefighter uniform and come save them. Like why not? Like why can’t we?”

One of Swift’s cats was famously named after Pompeo’s iconic Grey’s Anatomy character, so it’s no surprise that Pompeo came up with that wild combination.

While the show’s creator may not have agreed to the Swift-cat scenario, Pompeo revealed that she has nothing but respect for Rhimes, 46.

“We have a respect for each other that we’ve both survived this long,” she admitted. “[Still, we’ve disagreed on the direction for Meredith] a hundred times. There were plenty of story lines I absolutely hated, and I was mad at her for them, but I’ve always trusted her vision. She’s the successful writer, not me. And if I’m as good an actor as I believe I am, it’s up to me to make that scene everything it can be.”

When it comes to playing Meredith Grey, Pompeo believes that she has a few personality traits in common with the career-driven surgeon, but “it’s changed over the years,”

“I would say now my answer is much less snarkier and much less sarcastic,” the actress said. “I think the compassion that we both have for other human beings that I try to have every day for other people is something that we share.”

Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy Season premieres September 22 on ABC.

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