Ellen Pompeo's Italian vacation hit a little bit of a bump in the road on Friday when a thief snatched her purse from her in Florence

By Dave Quinn
May 26, 2018 10:09 AM

Ellen Pompeo‘s Italian vacation hit a little bit of a bump in the road on Friday when a thief snatched her purse from her in Florence.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 48, shared the news of her robbery on Instagram, writing, “My purse was stolen from right under my nose!!”

“I blame the rosé!!” Pompeo joked.

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Ellen Pompeo
John Shearer/Getty

Luckily, Pompeo’s bag was recovered — a good thing for both the star and the thief, as Pompeo was ready to fight him or her.

“Grazia to who ever stole it for dropping it on the street exactly in tact,” Pompeo wrote. “I was tracking my phone and chasing you down… had I caught you… it would not have ended well for you… I am nice but lets not forget my heritage… NAPOLITANO…. hai furtuno y io hai destine 👊🏼🇮🇹😘.”

“Also I hope you were smiling because e Sarai catturato perche sei in macchina 📷📷🎞” Pompeo added, explaining that the thief had been caught by security cameras and would be captured.

The actress also took time to thank the Florence police, who were in the picture she shared, and the staff at the Ristorante & Wine Bar dei Frescobaldi, where she was was dining at the time.

“Grazia a polizia Di Firenzia squadro volanti y resterante Frescobaldi,” Pompeo wrote in Italian, later teasing that her use of the language might not have been exact. “Please forgive my horrible Italian.”

Pompeo is traveling in between seasons of Grey’s. The acclaimed ABC medical drama will return for its 15th season this fall.

She’s been with the show since the beginning, starring as the title character Meredith Grey, and recently negotiated her $20 million salary — making her the highest paid women on television.

“I was really tired and I knew [Shonda Rhimes] was stepping away, so it was a moment for me to say, ‘If I’m going to stay, I’m away from my kids a lot, it’s really got to be worth my while. I have to break some glass ceiling to have it worth it for me to stay,’ ” Pompeo previously told PEOPLE of her negotiation.

“I had [Shonda’s] support and I had the courage to do it and I was also completely willing to walk away,” she continued. “I was ready for it to not go my way, that’s the most important thing. It might not go your way, you’ve got to be okay with that.”

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As for her trip to Italy, should she get in any more trouble, Pompeo could always call on her Grey’s costar Giacomo Gianniotti.

The actor, who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca on the show, commented on her Instagram, offering his support (and help with her Italian, should she need it).

“C’mon Ellen! You didn’t hit up your boy for an Italian translation?” he joked. “Haha I’ll be there in July and I’ll be on the prowl for your boy, he don’t stand a chance. Glad you are safe!”