Ellen Gets Jenna Bush to Call Her Parents

"He's going to kill me," the First Daughter says about surprising her Dad

Video courtesy Warner Bros.

Jenna Bush has tried her parents’ patience once more – this time with the help of Ellen DeGeneres.

Pleasantly prodding the First Daughter during a taping of her show on Tuesday, for an episode to be aired Wednesday (and previewed on that morning’s Today show), DeGeneres inquired if Bush could get her high-powered papa on the phone any time she wants.

“I usually call him in the evening or in the morning, when I know they’ll both be at home,” said the 26-year-old.

“Could you just pick up the phone like right now and call him?” wondered a wide-eyed Ellen.

“Sure,” replies Bush. “He’s going to kill me, though.

After being given a phone – “Hit 9,” says Ellen, while the dutiful daughter is careful to cover the phone so no one can detect the private number – Bush comments aloud that because of this, “I’m not going to get anything I asked for for Christmas.”

‘Not Barging In’

DeGeneres, meanwhile, says that if Jenna’s parents don’t answer, she’ll get Jenna’s grandfather, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, on the phone, and observes: “We’re not barging in while they’re in their pajamas or something.”

Once Bush gets through to First Lady Laura Bush, she says, “Hi, Mom.” Asking how the show is going, Mom says, “I’m not watching you because you’re taping right now.” She also tells her daughter, “I’m just sitting here with Daddy.”

Pipes up Ellen: “I wanted to say hi to Daddy.”

And so, the President of the United States comes to the phone, and is told by his offspring, “This is the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

‘Are You Mad?’

“Well, that’s great!” says the surprised Chief Executive, who asks DeGeneres, “How’s my little girl doing?”

“Oh, she’s great,” answers the host. “She’s scared she’s going to get in trouble [and] not going to get any Christmas presents.”

Pause. “Dad?” asks Jenna. “Yes, baby,” he replies. “Are you mad?” she inquires.

“No, not at all,” says President Bush. “I’m excited to talk to you. I’m glad to talk to Ellen.”

Well, what do you know.

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