Ellen DeGeneres Unveils Secret's Super Bowl Ad with Soccer Stars Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn

Secret, the first antiperspirant brand designed specifically for women, cast two US Women's Soccer stars in the spot

Ellen DeGeneres is doing her part to #KickInequality.

On Monday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host unveiled Secret’s Super Bowl 2020 ad, “The Secret Kicker,” which puts a spotlight on fierce female athletes and champions equal opportunities for women everywhere.

Secret, the first antiperspirant brand designed specifically for women, enlisted U.S. women’s soccer stars Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn.

The ad opens with a typical football game-day scene, panning over a packed stadium. As the clock winds down, there’s a make-it-or-break-it field goal kick. Cheering fans are suddenly silenced when the kicker and holder are revealed to be women: Lloyd and Dunn, standing confidently on the gridiron. Then the crowd erupts as Secret issues a call-to-action: Let’s Kick Inequality.

Secret Super Bowl Ad

“More than two-thirds of girls believe that society doesn’t encourage women to play sports,” Secret associate brand director Sara Saunders said in a statement. “We’re setting out to change this notion by spotlighting world-class female athletes on a field where gender equality is not yet the norm. Whether or not a woman wants to play football, shouldn’t she at least be able to consider it a possibility? We believe that there are some things women shouldn’t have to sweat — and equal opportunity is one of them.”

Lloyd, who made waves last summer when she kicked her first 55-yard field goal at an NFL practice between the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens, said she is “so incredibly proud to be a part of this campaign.”

“And I am thrilled that a brand like Secret is bold enough to make a statement like this during such a major moment in sports,” she continued. “While I’ve been vocal about my ambitions to play football professionally, this message is so much bigger than football — it’s about showing to women and girls that it’s okay to set big goals for themselves and to aspire to be more than what they think is possible. I want to show people what a truly equal world can look like, and ‘The Secret Kicker’ does just that.”

The ad will air during the Super Bowl pre-game show Sunday on Fox. Ellen airs weekdays (check local listings).

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