November 10, 2016 07:55 AM

Ellen DeGeneres wants everyone to know that it’s going to be okay.

Following Tuesday’s 2016 Presidential election where Donald Trump was shockingly voted to be the 45th President of the United States, the comedian opted to deliver a powerful message of hope for Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“You may have heard that there was a presidential election on Tuesday. The big winner was alcohol. A lot of alcohol,” the host began. “Obviously, a lot of people were disappointed by the results. My job is to be hopeful and to make everybody feel good.  And I’m gonna keep doing that for as long as I can.”

“I will do it because I love you,” DeGeneres continued. “And because I have very expensive taste in automobiles. At times like this, it’s important to remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: ‘It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.’ “

“And I think that is a beautiful thing and I believe you should also remember what Kanye West once said: ‘Blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka, Pour a little champagne, cranberry vodka,’ ” she added. 

The 58-year-old host went on to share an uplifting story about a baby iguana (who went viral this week) after he escaped a beach full of hungry snakes to live to see another day.

“So if you’re feeling a little anxious or scared, I’m here to tell you that things can still turn out to be okay,” she told the audience. “There is a video that I saw yesterday that might make you feel better. It’s from the new documentary Planet Earth II. It’s a baby iguana on a beach.  And the beach is filled with iguana-eating snakes. This will make you feel better. Enjoy.”

“He got away! What kind of hope would that be for me to show you an iguana that does not..” she jokingly told the audience. “Doubting that I would show you something that feels good. He made it. That little baby iguana got away!”

“And that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re all gonna do that. If you feel like there’s snakes coming at you from every direction,” DeGeneres continued. “The snakes may be the fact that you don’t feel heard. Or nobodies on your side. Or that you don’t like what’s on the Starbucks Holiday Cups this year.”

The host finished her monologue by adding, “No matter what your snake is, there is hope for your little iguana.” 

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