The host puts her call waiting to the test when these superstars ring

Ellen DeGeneres is so popular, she gets phone calls from Adele, Drake and Lionel Richie – all within the matter of minutes.

At least that’s how it looks in a must-see spoof on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Adele might have a throwback flip phone in the music video for "Hello," but DeGeneres tops her with an old-school device that belongs in a 1980s time capsule. The only problem: her reception isn’t that great, and she can’t understand what the singer is saying.

“The connection is bad. Did you say you’re eating beets?” Ellen deadpans – and that’s just the beginning of the ridiculousness.

Before we know it, DeGeneres is getting another call from Drake, who has a familiar complaint you’ll recognize from his new song "Hotline Bling".

Just when DeGeneres thinks this crazy phone session is over, Richie calls with a pertinent question.

If you don’t want the star-studded conversation to end, check out the Adele-Richie mashup that’s gone viral.