If Ellen DeGeneres promises not to scare you on TV... don't believe her

By Aurelie Corinthios
May 14, 2018 05:19 PM

If Ellen DeGeneres promises not to scare you on TV… don’t believe her.

The latest celebrity to fall victim to DeGeneres’ favorite talk show stunt is Sarah Paulson. While appearing on Ellen Monday to promote the upcoming Ocean’s 8, Paulson was skittish from the moment she sat down. (She was spooked no less than three times during her last appearance on the show.)

“The coast is clear — so far,” said Paulson, 43, after apprehensively checking out the hollow coffee table between the two chairs, which someone typically jumps out of in the middle of interviews to scare guests.

“I did ask for this mirror so I could check behind me at any chance,” she added, joking that she had considered conducting the entire interview facing the other way to make sure no one surprised her from backstage.

And while DeGeneres, 60, vowed she had no plans to scare the American Horror Story star, she couldn’t help but break her promise during a hilarious game of “5 Second Rule,” arranging for a staff member dressed as a clown (one of Paulson’s biggest fears) to jump out of the podium for another priceless fright.

“This is the worst place on earth,” called out Paulson, who promptly sought refuge in the hollow box. “I’m not coming out!”

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