Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary with Heartwarming Wedding Video

Ellen DeGeneres, 60, and Portia de Rossi, 45, got married in 2008 after California legalized same-sex marriage

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are celebrating 10 years since they walked down the aisle.

Both DeGeneres, 60, and de Rossi, 45, commemorated the occasion on Instagram Thursday, when they shared heartfelt footage from the couple’s wedding.

“Ten years ago today,” the talk show host wrote. “This was such a special day for us.”

The couple also shared philosopher Wayne Dyer’s speech after the two exchanged vows to “remind us all how far we’ve come — that we are living in a country that supports #marraigeequality,” de Rossi wrote on the post.

“Today we have taken a giant step forward toward the ideal that all of us, with no exceptions, are not only created equal, but we each have the unalienable right to pursue our own happiness,” said Dyer, 78, who officiated the ceremony. “With your exchange of vows today, you symbolize for many who have gone before you, who were forced to live their lives in quiet desperation, lurking in the shadows, that we as people, are truly better than we used to be.”

“Ten years ago, Wayne Dyer officiated our wedding ceremony,” DeGeneres wrote in her post. “These words were life-changing to us then, and they mean just as much now.”

On Friday, De Rossi joined DeGeneres on The Ellen Show. DeGeneres tweeted, “It makes me so happy when my wife is here.”

In 2008, the same year as their wedding, DeGeneres announced on The Ellen Degeneres show that she was planning on marrying de Rossi after news broke that the California Supreme Court would now allow same-sex marriages.

JLC-Lara Porzak Photography
JLC-Lara Porzak Photography

The intimate ceremony took place at their Los Angeles home, filled with vegan red velvet cake, a performance by Joshua Radin and platinum wedding bands.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” DeGeneres said then about de Rossi. “She’s now officially off the market. No one else gets her.”

The private wedding welcomed 19 guests, including de Rossi’s mother who flew from Australia for the wedding.

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“I feel very, very blessed that both of our families have embraced the two of us together,” the actress said following the ceremony.

The couple started dating in December 2014 while de Rossi was on the Fox sitcom Arrested Development.

“Portia and I constantly say to each other, ‘We are so lucky.’ Sometimes it’s lying in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say thank you to whatever, whoever is out there,” DeGeneres told PEOPLE in her 2016 cover story. “I’ve gotten to a place where I really am just settled. Really. I know that I’m not going anywhere. She’s not going anywhere. I’m not saying the relationship took a while; I’m saying in my life, it took a while to find this.”

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