Betty spoke at Logo's second annual Trailblazers Honors

By Patrick Gomez
June 26, 2015 02:50 PM
Jason Merritt/Getty

When Ellen DeGeneres came out to her mom Betty, there was just one negative thought that came to her mother’s mind.

“[I thought,] ‘Oh darn, her engagement picture won’t be in the New Orleans paper so all my friends can see it,’ ” Betty confessed on stage at Logo’s second annual Trailblazers Honors ceremony on Thursday.

As was pointed out by her co-presenter Tyler Posey, “when an LGBT person comes out, a parent’s initial reaction can have a very deep and lasting impact.”

And Betty says she showed great support for her daughter.

“When Ellen came out to me I just gave her a big hug,” she said.

Soon, even her fears of missing out on an engagement photo were put to rest.

“I think she more than made up for that,” Betty joked of her daughter, whose wedding to Portia de Rossi was featured on the cover of PEOPLE in 2008.

On the red carpet before the event, Betty said she advises parents of children coming out to attend “tremendously helpful” PFLAG meetings.

“I was surprised and upset because I knew she’d be an object of bigotry and discrimination. That was not okay with me,” she said of her daughter. “Back then nobody talked about being gay, so it was a very different time.”

The 2015 Trailblazers Honors ceremony will air on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Logo.

With reporting by ALEXANDRA HURTADO