The talk show host talked to Howard Stern about her stint on the competition series and her recent Caitlyn Jenner interview

Ellen DeGeneres is making it no secret she thinks her stint as a judge on American Idol was a mistake.

In an interview with radio host Howard Stern that aired Tuesday, DeGeneres was honest when Stern asked her if she hated being a judge on the singing competition series.

“Yes,” she said, adding that her one season on the show in 2010 was “one of the worst decisions I’ve made.”

When pressed about why she took the job in the first place, DeGeneres explained, “As a fan of the shows, it doesn’t matter that I sing or I know anything about pitch or anything, I’m like everybody else at home. It’s American Idol. and you’re watching and you’re a fan. So I thought, ‘I’m going to represent these people at home that have opinions and like somebody or don’t.’ But then I just thought, ‘I can’t break this person’s heart. Let somebody else do that.’ ”

DeGeneres also talked about her surprise at Caitlyn Jenner‘s thoughts on same-sex marriage, which the former Olympian discussed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the season premiere Tuesday.

“She still has a judgment about gay marriage,” DeGeneres told Stern. “I said, ‘You’re wanting people to understand and accept you – this is like, really confusing to people – and you still have a judgment about gay people and marriage.'”

In her pre-taped interview for DeGeneres’ show, Jenner told the host that she did not initially support gay marriage: “I remember 15, 20 years ago when the whole gay marriage issue came up – at first I was not for it. I’m a traditionalist. I’m older than most people in the audience. I kind of like tradition, and it’s always been a man and a woman. I’m thinking, ‘I don’t quite get it.’ ”

The 65-year-old, who publicly debuted her transition in June, went on to say that her views had evolved over time, saying that she didn’t “ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness.”

“That’s not my job, okay?” Jenner continued. “If that word – ‘marriage’ – is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”

In her interview with Stern, DeGeneres expressed her confusion at some of Jenner’s statements: “She goes, ‘Well, if the word marriage is that important ‘ And I was like, ‘It is. Because that’s the word.’ We want the same thing, everybody.”

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When asked by Stern if Jenner danced with her like previous guests, DeGeneres joked that the I Am Cait star perhaps “didn’t want to dance with me because I’m a lesbian.”

Jokes aside, DeGeneres added that Jenner was a “great interview.”

“I don’t fully understand all of that, but I want her to be happy, which is what I want for her, for me,” DeGeneres said.