"It ain't easy lugging this baby around — it's killing my Tinder profile," quipped Ellen DeGeneres, cradling a fake baby belly

By Aurelie Corinthios
March 16, 2018 01:24 PM

Step aside, Karla KardashianEllen DeGeneres has found a new way to become a part of the famous family.

On Thursday’s episode of her talk show, the host teased a major announcement for her viewers: She was going to reveal the identity of Kim Kardashian West‘s surrogate.

“If you didn’t see the episode where Kim introduces the surrogate to the family, I’m going to show you some of it right now,” she told her audience.

The clip then cut to real footage from the season 14 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which purposely didn’t reveal the surrogate’s face — except this time, it’s been expertly edited to feature a very (fake) pregnant DeGeneres.

“It ain’t easy lugging this baby around — it’s killing my Tinder profile,” she says, cradling her belly and getting blank stares from the sisters in return. “But it’s worth it for a good parking space in the mall.”

“You know what? I could use a drink,” she says, turning to face Kris Jenner. “Any Pabst Blue Ribbon or a Michelob Ultra? Shoot. I just remembered I’m not allowed alcohol. Do you have wine?”

As Kardashian West, 38, gushes about what a “nice person” her surrogate is, her fake surrogate DeGeneres slyly slips a few dollar bills from Jenner’s purse into her bra.

Of course, the clip was even more timely considering DeGeneres’ guest was Kendall Jenner herself.

“What did you think of me being the surrogate?” DeGeneres, 60, asked Kendall with a completely straight face. “Do you mind that I revealed that?”

“No! I think it’s something everyone needed to know, and I think that it’s a blessing,” replied Kendall, 22, without missing a beat. “You really blessed my sister and her husband.”

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