Step Off, Trolls! Elizabeth Banks, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sean Penn and More Read 'Mean Tweets' About Themselves

Jimmy Kimmel rounded up some of the world's biggest stars to stand up to their Internet bullies


Jimmy Kimmel continues to troll the trolls!

During Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian revisited his classic bit and had several of the world’s biggest stars read “Mean Tweets” about themselves to show shady Internet-dwellers just how little of an impact their (admittedly sometimes creative) insults have.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Liv Tyler and Elizabeth Banks couldn’t hold back laughs and smiles while reading the rude messages, with JLD sarcastically prefacing her reading with, “The Internet is such a great thing!”

Colin Farrell, too, laughed so hard he could barely get through the claim that “Colin Farrell in True Detective looks like he smells like depressed couch farts.”

Our Body Issue Stars React to Nice Tweets About Themselves

Some of the celebs couldn’t deny that, however mean, the tweets do have a way of cutting straight to the truth. After reading that his “face is made of aged denim,” Kurt Russell chuckled and said, “I couldn’t agree more!”

Others, though, weren’t willing to let the trolls win: In response to a quip about her being “annoying when she yells … or cries … or talks … or exists,” American Horror Story‘s Sarah Paulson recommended that the author of such colorful words “bite me, motherf––––r.”

Watch the full video to see “real time stanker” Sean Penn and even more stars get all of America to laugh in the faces of Twitter’s biggest bullies.

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