"I had a scary week when we didn't know what the results were," she said on the show Friday morning

By Tim Nudd
Updated November 14, 2014 09:35 AM

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is back on the air, and breathing a huge sigh of relief.

The Fox and Friends cohost returned to the morning show Friday and explained, in an emotional segment, that she had taken a month off due to a cancer scare.

“I had a tumor in my abdomen,” she said as the show opened. “Doctor said, ‘You’ve got to get it out by the end of the month. We don’t like how it looks.’ I was facing something that potentially could have gone either way.”

So Hasselbeck, 37, had surgery to remove the tumor, and then it was a waiting game.

“I had a scary week where we didn’t know what the results were,” she said. “But I’m okay. Everything came back okay. Surgery’s not fun, but it is necessary to find out if you have something really terrible in you or not. And thankfully I had the blessing of it not being cancer.”

She then thanked all her friends, as well as “Mr. [Roger] Ailes and the entire Fox family for treating me like family the entire way.”

And in particular, she thanked her husband, Tim, for being her “hospital buddy” and supporting her through the entire process.

“So many women and people that I know have stared down the barrel of that cancer gun, and looked at it when they have gotten bad news and done remarkable things, courageously, to fight it,” Hasselbeck said.

“So I knew if I got that kind of news I would be in their wings and, by their example, able to fight it. I didn’t get that message and answer from my doctors. I got a clear and clean bill of health, and I’m thankful.”

She added: “I’m not a person who thinks or believes that I take a lot for granted, but I certainly don’t take it for granted now.”

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