Elimination Night on 'Idol'


Performing on the bigger, better Idol stage must have been a thrill for most of the contestants, who sang songs by the Beatles live on FOX Tuesday. But it will be the first and last time for one of them as the show quickly goes from the excitement of the top 12 to Wednesday’s nail-biting hour-long elimination show. Who should be worried? Based on the judges’ comments, David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay might be in trouble while Chikezie, who was one of the bottom two guys last week, seemed to bounce back with his spirited performance of “She’s a Woman.” What about Syesha Mercado? Her performance wasn’t bad but was it memorable enough? Meanwhile, favorite David Archuleta, who flubbed the lines of “We Can Work It Out,” will likely be nervous going into tonight, but he seems to have built a strong enough fan base (and for good reason!) to get him through the night and back on the stage next week so he can redeem himself. For Kristy Lee Cook, who went a little too country, that might be another story. Simon Cowell said her version of “Eight Days a Week” sounded like “Dolly Parton on helium.” Then again, country fans may have rallied around Kristy Lee with little else to vote for.

Tell us: Who will be voted off American Idol tonight?

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