Ed Westwick: Gossip Girl Rock Star

Photo: Andrew Eccles/The CW Network

As Gossip Girl‘s resident bad boy Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick has perfected his sexy smolder all season long. But in two weeks, he’ll show off an even more impressive talent: Jan. 2’s “School Lies” episode will feature two songs by Westwick’s band, The Filthy Youth.

The London-based group (Westwick is the lead vocalist) has been together for about a year and hopes to perform Stateside–in Manhattan, natch–in 2008.

Can’t wait two weeks for more Gossip Girl? Then click below to hear one of the two songs, “Come Flash All You Ladies,” that will be featured in the episode.

Meanwhile on tonight’s new episode, “Christmas on the Upper East Side,” Jenny and Vanessa help Serena plan a holiday surprise for Dan–and more shockers are in store from both Dan and Blair’s father, who comes home for the holidays with an unexpected guest. –Rennie Dyball

Andrew Eccles/The CW Network

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