Jordin Althaus/ABC/AP

The longtime Tonight Show sidekick is now pitching cars in funny ads

July 25, 2008 05:00 PM

Ed McMahon, whose recent money woes have been a topic of national news coverage, has found employment.

Johnny Carson’s longtime Tonight Show sidekick is exercising his pitchman pipes by delivering a series of comical commercials for Pontiac cars that will be aired starting Monday on ABC’s late-night Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Associated Press reports.

“It felt very good to be out of the brace and working again,” McMahon, 85, said Friday, referring to the brace he requires after undergoing a third neck operation. (He is suing over his injury.) “I spent my whole life doing commercials, so here I was back doing a commercial again. It was very comforting. Believe me.”

The four commercials were shot Thursday. “I went in like a professional to do a commercial, like I’ve done a million times in my life in my long career,” McMahon said. “That’s what I went in to do. Of course, we had fun with it. There’s one where Kimmel’s locked up in the trunk, and I’m pretending to be Jimmy Kimmel. It was fun, but we’re still selling a product.”

Repeating his recent mantra about his and his wife Pamela’s financial survival, McMahon also said, “I’m optimistic. I feel we’re going to get this straightened out. I look forward to those days.”

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