'Dynasty' 's Moldavian Wedding Cliffhanger Aired 30 Years Ago – Where Are the Stars Now?

Find out what's become of the cast since that infamous 1985 season finale

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On May 18, 1985, Dynasty concluded its fifth and highest-ever-rated season with a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers: the Moldavian wedding massacre.

Amanda (Catherine Oxenberg), long-lost daughter to Alexis (Joan Collins) and Blake (John Forsythe), is marching down the aisle, soon to wed Prince Michael (Michael Praed), of the European nation of Moldavia. But before the ceremony can conclude, terrorists spray the chapel with bullets, and the season’s final moments show the cast lying bloodied and lifeless – but still looking glamorous, of course.

The episode sparked viewer concern for the Carrington clan and their associates. Who could possibly survive? In September, the sixth-season premiere revealed that, well, just about everyone had. The only fatalities were Steve Carrington’s boyfriend (Billy Campbell) and Jeff Colby’s girlfriend (Ali MacGraw). In short, none of the apparently dead main cast actually bit the bullet. (Hey, this is a franchise that once had one of its heroines kidnapped by aliens, after all.)

Dynasty never again attained the ratings it did during that climactic fifth season, but the show went on for four more seasons before concluding in 1989. We’re using the 30th anniversary of the Moldavian “massacre” as an opportunity to look back on the main cast and what they’ve done in the three decades since this episode aired.

John Forsythe (“Blake Carrington”)

The only actor to appear in all 220 episodes of Dynasty, Forsythe, who was also the voice of the titular Charlie on Charlie’s Angels, followed up the prime-time soap with the 1992 Norman Lear sitcom The Powers That Be, in which he starred opposite a suicidal David Hyde Pierce. Forsythe retired from acting after reprising his role in the two Charlie’s Angels movies. He died from pneumonia in 2010 at age 92.

Linda Evans (“Krystle Carrington”)

In 2006, Evans appeared opposite Collins in the play Legends, but she has largely avoided acting during her post-Dynasty life. She did, however, win a season of the British version of Hell’s Kitchen. (See her in action, hardworking and decidedly un Dynasty-like, here.) Now an advocate for New Age medicine, Evans also dated New Age music god Yanni through 1998. Evans is 72.

Joan Collins (“Alexis Colby”)

Following Alexis’ reign on Dynasty, Collins didn’t let up. She’s continued to work on TV, most recently scoring a gig playing the mother of a fictional queen of England (Elizabeth Hurley) on The Royals. And she was presented her damehood by Prince Charles earlier this year. Collins married her fifth husband in 2002, and since Dynasty ended in 1989, she’s published eight nonfiction books and four works of fiction. Collins is 81.

Catherine Oxenberg (“Amanda Carrington”)

For her 53-episode run on Dynasty, Oxenberg brought some royal-adjacent flair to the show. After all, she’s the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. In 1986, Oxenberg became the first person of royal descent to host Saturday Night Live. In 1999, she married Starship Troopers actor Casper Van Dien, and together they starred in a reality series titled I Married a Princess. Oxenberg, now 53, has three children.

Heather Locklear (“Sammy Jo Carrington”)

Oh, you name it. From Melrose Place to Spin City back to Melrose Place, Locklear has been a TV mainstay ever since Dynasty ended. She split from rocker Tommy Lee in 1993, gave birth to a daughter with Richie Sambora in 1997, split up with Sambora in 2006, and then romanced her Melrose costar Jack Wagner through 2011. Locklear, 53, has also had had a few bumps in the road, so to speak, as far as driving goes, but it’s all very much in line with living a Dynasty-worthy life.

Diahann Carroll (“Dominique Deveraux”)

Although she appeared in Eye’s Bayou in 1997, Carroll’s post-Dynasty career has largely focused on TV. She’s made guest appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, White Collar, and A Different World, for which she won an Emmy nomination. Carroll presented alongside Kerry Washington at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Carroll, 79, divorced her fourth husband, Vic Damone, in 1996.

Pamela Sue Martin (“Fallon Carrington”)

This former star of the ’70s Nancy Drew TV series played Fallon on Dynasty for four seasons before moving on. She still acts – a one-shot on That ’70s Show is probably her most recent TV role of note – and mainly performs onstage today. An environmental activist, Martin, 62, is the national spokesperson for the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Singletown, California.

Al Corley (“Steven Carrington”)

This former Studio 54 doorman played the Carringtons’ gay(ish) son Steven for two seasons of Dynasty before he left and the role was given to Jack Coleman. However, for the reunion miniseries in 1991, Corley returned to play Steve once again. In 1984, Corley released a new wave single, “Square Rooms,” and followed it with two more full-length albums. He occasionally acts but now produces as well. He is 58.

Emma Samms (“Fallon Carrington No. 2”)

Samms took over the role of Fallon and debuted shortly before the Moldavian massacre. Afterward, this former General Hospital star played Staci Keanan’s deceased mom on My Two Dads and did her best Alexis as the villain in the 1995 night soap Models Inc. Samms, 54, has returned to General Hospital more than once, and in 2014, she competed on Tumble, a British reality series that has celebs attempting gymnastics, and no, I’m not even making that up.

Jack Coleman (“Steven Carrington No. 2”)

Since the end of Dynasty, Coleman has appeared on a lot of TV shows, perhaps most notably as the adoptive father of Hayden Panettiere’s character on Heroes and the gay political husband to Angela Kinsey’s character on The Office. Coleman, now 57, married actress Beth Toussaint in 1996. `

John James (“Jeff Colby”)

Following the end of the series, James had recurring roles on both As the World Turns and All My Children. In 1989, he married model Denise Ellen Coward, and their daughter Laura James ended up winning the 19th cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2012. He is 59.

And in case that’s not catch-up enough for you, the 2006 reunion, Catfights & Caviar, is viewable online.

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