August 17, 2017 09:07 AM

Dylan Sprouse has defended himself amid claims he cheated on model girlfriend Dayna Frazer – but refused to address her claims directly after their three-year relationship ended.

Fans were shocked when Frazer shared a selfie on Instagram last week where she appeared to be crying. “When you find out your bf cheated on you lol,” she captioned the image.

The model also deleted all photos of her boyfriend from the social media site, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star did the same.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Patrick McMullan/Getty

After days of speculation, Sprouse broke his silence to addressed the infidelity rumors on Wednesday.

“I will say this and only this: by adhering to an assumption based on limited information, you neglect the complicated nature of this issue,” the actor wrote in a series of tweets. “The truth always has two sides, and those sides have motivations, and those motivations, despite how cloudy they currently seem, are private.”

He continued, “This is complicated and it will remain complicated, but those who know me and who have known me, know well enough what kind of person I am. And that is all.”


Sprouse, 25, recently announced he is returning to acting after a six-year hiatus. Director Eva Doležalová has shared photos of the actor on the set of her new movie, Carte Blanche.

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His twin brother, Cole, stars on the TV hit Riverdale.

“I’m interested in roles that are human, that have some sort of empathic quality. A role I would not do: cool jock. That’s not something I’d be interested in doing,” Sprouse told The New York Daily News in January. “Scripts that make characters a two-sentence description, I’m not interested in.”

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