The Suite Life stars took full advantage of their identical looks at their college graduation ceremony

By Christina Dugan
Updated June 30, 2015 05:30 PM
Credit: Courtesy Dylan Sprouse


In a move straight from Suite Life of Zack and Cody fan fiction set in the future, Dylan and Cole Sprouse decided to switch places – during their college graduation ceremony.

“We actually received each other’s diploma’s,” Cole said in an interview with Teen Vogue.

“In fact, if you look up my graduating photo you’ll see,” Dylan added. “We just decided, you know, there’s no reason not to. No one’s going to notice.”

Before graduating from New York University last May, the 22-year-old identical brothers decided to take different paths while in college with Dylan studying video game design and Cole majoring in archaeology.

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Though the two young men are thrilled about the next chapters of their lives, they reflected on why they chose to step away from acting.

“Right after the show ended, we were being hounded,” Cole said. “So we really wanted to step out and fade away from the industry and, you know, we were pleasantly surprised at how often people reached out wondering what we were doing and where we were.”

Dylan added, “In all of this, there’s this grim realization that there really is no truly escaping the industry. Like, once you’re in it, you’re in it for good whether you’re doing anything or not.”