'Bachelor in Paradise' : Dylan Questions Whether Blake and Hannah Dated Before the Show

Blake Horstmann and Hannah Godwin's connection is put to the test on Monday's episode

The Blake drama continued on Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise — and a few new men were added to the mix.

The episode kicked off with Paradise season 6’s first rose ceremony, in which the cast wondered whose rose Hannah G. would accept after finding early connections with Blake, 30, and Dylan. Dylan, 24, asked her first, so Hannah, also 24, went with him this week, and Blake ended up giving his rose to Tayshia, who he’d gone on a date with on the first day. But the 28-year-old wasn’t exactly feeling Blake.

“There’s no way I can trust him,” she said in an on-camera interview.

The inaugural rose ceremony resulted in Bibiana, Annaliese and Jane being sent packing.

Just as quickly as contestants leave the beach, Paradise imports new options. Monday night’s first newcomer: Jordan from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. He’d gotten engaged to Jenna during BiP season 5 — but broke things off with her upon learning she’d allegedly been seeing another man.

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Despite last summer’s heartbreak, Jordan, 27, came in with incomparable confidence. Armed with a date card, Jordan pulled aside Hannah, Nicole and Kristina, and quickly learned about the mess that Blake created. But Jordan didn’t let his No. 1 choice Hannah’s involvement with two other men stop him from asking her on a date.

“This is my beach and on my la playa, I do as I please,” Jordan told the cameras. “So if Hannah’s the one that I want to take on this date, Hannah’s going.”

Hannah initially agreed, but then backtracked because, “I can’t date three people,” she told the male model.

For this, Jordan blamed Blake. “I just came back to my beach and talked to a couple of girls and they’re all tearing up over this attachment to Blake,” he said. “So Blake’s the problem. He’s just leading them all on and he thinks that that’s not hurting anybody, but in the end, that’s gonna hurt several people. Not for long. This has got to be put to an end because in my position as the mayor, I’m here to look out for the community. I’m disappointed. I didn’t come to Blake in Paradise season 1. This is Bachelor in Paradise season 6.”

So Jordan confronted Blake. “I just walked into Paradise and on my f—ing beach — this is my beach — and got turned down on a date,” he began.

Blake explained his actions as, “It’s been a crazy three days for me.” But Jordan told him to get his act together. “Hammer it out one by one,” he advised Blake. “It’s gonna get real crazy if there’s eight girls here saying they’re seeing for you. It does not look good.”

After their conversation, all Jordan wanted was one woman to go out with him. “I’m the mayor of Paradise,” he told to the cameras. “I just want to go on a date.”

Nicole, who’d previously accepted a rose from Clay, satisfied the self-proclaimed mayor of Paradise’s wish and went on a date with Jordan. Their one-on-one consisted of zip-lining with former Paradise bartender Jorge, now of Jorge’s Tourges, and sipping champagne in an area of the Mexican jungle where Jorge claimed to have lost his virginity. Following the outing, Nicole, 26, felt she saw a different side of Jordan.

“He surprised me so much today,” Nicole told the cameras. “I was like, wait he’s a normal guy?”

Jordan said that, despite asserting earlier that someone was going to be “calling me ‘daddy’” by the end of the show, he actually hoped to “take things slow.”

“I left very happy,” Jordan told Nicole of his previous Paradise experience. “A couple months later it got crazy. Jenna and I split. The day literally I proposed on TV, we ended it and since then. … So coming into this, I’m definitely cautious.”

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Big Mike in the House

Another new face on the beach also opened up about his recent heartbreak. When Mike from Hannah Brown’s recent season of The Bachelorette arrived in Sayulita, Nayarit, he admitted to Chris Harrison that he felt “blindsided” by the 24-year-old beauty queen’s decision to send him home.

“It took me some time to make a complete decision,” Mike, 31, told the longtime host before descending the stairs with a date card. “The point of going on The Bachelorette was to find love. I kind of got blindsided a little bit so I had to make sure that my heart was ready, my mind was ready. I feel that I am completely ready and excited for what’s to come.”

Mike quickly caught Onyeka’s eye, and he grabbed both her and Caelynn to chat before making his decision. He ended up choosing Caelynn, 23, for the date, and the two connected during a romantic evening together.

“This may very well be our last first date,” Mike said in an on-camera interview.

Mike Johnson The Bachelorette
Mike. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Caelynn also felt strongly for Mike right off the bat and put the Blake situation from last week firmly in the past.

“Mike makes me giddy,” she said. “Mike makes me smile and I have not felt this giddy and this happy in Paradise. I expected him to be great, but he’s even exceeded those expectations.”

Back on the sand, Hannah found herself still caught up in Blake’s tangled web of love. He asked her to talk and told Hannah that he was “all in” on their relationship. “I wouldn’t be saying the things I’m saying unless I see something past paradise,” Blake insisted.

The two kissed and danced by the ocean — using some of the moves Blake’s former flings claimed he once pulled with them — which prompted Dylan to intervene.

Dylan, Blake and Hannah G
Dylan, Blake and Hannah G. ABC/Craig Sjodin (3)

“I just kind of want to focus on Hannah,” he told Blake in front of Hannah.

Blake retorted, “I’ve expressed to her now that I clear[ed] all that up, and I am here for her and I’m pursuing her man.”

Dylan retreated and said under his breath, “That dude is a psycho.”

Hannah’s choice to stay with Blake disenchanted their castmates and left Dylan wondering if she’d been “upfront” with him from the start. “Did they date before this or something?” he questioned of Hannah and Blake.

Bachelor in Paradise continues Tuesday night on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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