Her brother James joked that he had never seen her cry before

By Claudia Harmata
April 11, 2019 09:47 AM

Dylan Dreyer had the best National Siblings Day!

During the 3rd hour of the Today show on Wednesday, an unsuspecting Dreyer introduced the Producer Challenge segment, where the show’s producers pick a topic the hosts have to give expert tips on for their viewers — with Wednesday’s topic being burgers. As she explained the segment, her cohosts knowingly gathered around in excitement, before a producer revealed that her older brother, James, was in the studio.

“Hey Dyl, hey everybody — this is James, Dyl’s older brother,” James said in an introduction video before stepping out into the studio. “Before she starts spilling the beans about Pop’s famous burgers, let me show you how to do it.”

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Dreyer’s reaction said it all. Her mouth wide open in excitement, she immediately began jumping up and down while cheering, before running over to give her big brother a huge hug on the set. Pulling away for a moment, she exclaimed her disbelief while wiping away some tears of joy.

Nathan Congleton/NBC

“Oh my goodness!” she said. “I can’t believe you’re here! He lives in Oregon, I can’t believe you’re here!”

Dreyer was all the more unsuspecting of her brother’s visit because of her recent trip to Oregon, when she flew out to surprise James for his birthday. The siblings then showed viewers how to make their father’s famous burgers.

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“Oh this is so exciting. I’m so happy,” she said while making the burgers.

Nathan Congleton/NBC

James stayed after the segment and joined Dreyer and her cohosts, who were all in shock that she cried. In fact, James joked that he had never seen her cry before.

“We don’t cry much,” Dreyer explained. “I mean it’s not like a very emotional family that we live in.”

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Growing up with Dreyer, James explained she was always “a lot of fun” and that they were proud of her accomplishments.

“We’re always in awe. We’re so proud of her. We’re always like, ‘Oh my gosh. Do you ever get used to it, you know, being on the camera and everything?’” James said. “Every time we visit, we always ask her so many questions. ‘Where you going next?’ ‘How was it when you went to the Olympics?’ That was so awesome to hear about those stories, but very proud. So proud.”