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March 30, 2015 11:20 PM

An interesting development occurred before everyone laced up their Danskins on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars – Noah Galloway was fixing to dance with a prosthetic arm!

The Alabama native picked up a space-age prosthetic limb that “works through sensors in the sockets that touch what’s remaining of my tricep and bicep,” he told PEOPLE. Ultimately, the motivational speaker-cum-Kenneth Cole cologne pitch man left the prosthetic at home since the Argentine tango was no dance to try out a fancy new artificial limb.

I’m ashamed to admit it but I did begin this season thinking that Galloway would probably make me shudder at one point. Turns out I didn’t have to worry – not when someone like Charlotte McKinney was in the house! Tonight, we learned that it’s (inexplicably) hard for dyslexics to watch someone teach them how to dance because they are “visual learners.” Somebody please help me to understand! It’s also tough to practice while receiving an endless siege of texts about modeling. Charlotte’s busy, y’all!

Though she really didn’t deserve a dig like “You’ll never win the Nobel prize for quantum physics” from judge Bruno Tonioli, the Carls Jr. model was practically begging for the big heave-ho on Monday. And her wish was granted – especially after her underwhelming rumba.

“I learned so much,” she told host Tom Bergeron. “I am extremely grateful. It’s tested me and I feel like a better person.”

Here’s how the rest of Latin Night played out on DWTS:

Rumer Willis and Val Chermkovskiy. First she sticks her hoo-haw in Val’s face and then she dings him in the kisser at the roller rink! At least she made up for the rehearsal antics by performing a steamy salsa that had Val channeling a (much sexier) Travolta, circa 1977. “One thing that’s been missing is the exuberance, but you came out tonight, that’s the best dance I’ve seen this season,” said judge Len Goodman. “Monday night fever starts right here,” added Tonioli. “You’ve got the body of evidence.” Score: 33 out of 40

Charlotte McKinney and Keo Motsepe. After a peculiar statement about how she’s a “visual learner” because she has dyslexia (and hi? Isn’t that how choreography is taught?), the model seemed to indicate she was too busy to rehearse so maybe you should cut her, America. “I’ve got so much going on this week. “You didn’t take Keo’s instruction,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “You get out what you put in,” added Goodman. “Everybody is busy. Everybody has other jobs.” Snap! Score: 22 out of 40

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