By People Staff
Updated September 28, 2007 12:00 AM

Savvy billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban knows how much fan support can mean to a team, which is why he’s using his blog to try to secure votes for his Dancing with the Stars team with Kym Johnson.

On Blog Maverick, Cuban writes that he realized after Wednesday night’s results show that, with he and Johnson in the bottom two, “now everyone thinks we are the ones to go next week.”

“Going out there on the stage as the different were being ‘saved’ to dance another week, and then with lower scores (than us) were ‘saved,’ I realized that Kym and I might be in trouble,” Cuban wrote. “When they called out Josie’s name, I honestly didn’t hear it. I was looking at my family. My brother stood up and gave me the thumbs up and I realized that it was OK. We had survived another week. That set off another set of emotions. I was happy. I was mad. I was upset.”

And he was compelled to hit the blog, where he also writes that he and Johnson have vowed to work even harder for next week’s dance-off.

“Hopefully will rally to support us,” Cuban wrote. “I know that Kym and I will be working harder than ever. We have practice scheduled for first thing (Thursday) morning. We have a great Mambo routine worked out to a fun song.”

On a blog post the night of his performance, Cuban (who had promised to include fun dances like the lawnmower and the sprinkler in his routines) also gave a shout-out to fellow DWTS contestant Jane Seymour–and her famous Wedding Crashers performance.

Seymour, by the way, is blogging her own DWTS experience, including the reaction of her mom, a DWTS fan who inspired her to go on the show, to her graceful performance Monday night.

“I spoke to my mom this morning in the nursing home,” Seymour wrote about her mother, who’s in a nursing home in England after suffering a crippling stroke.

“I told her that my son Johnny, her grandson, had said after my performance that he felt that angels were around me and that the angels just transported me around the dance floor. That was how I felt and I told my mom that she was my angel and was inside my heart when I was dancing. Apparently she smiled and nodded and she feels she was with me.” –Kimberly Potts