'DWTS' : JoJo Siwa and Pro Partner Jenna Johnson Make History with First Dance on Season 30

JoJo Siwa is the first female celebrity to be paired with a female pro dancer

Jojo Siwa and pro Jenna Johnson kicked off their historic Dancing with the Stars partnership with their first dance of season 30.

During the premiere on Monday, Siwa, 18, and Johnson, 27, performed the foxtrot and received a 29 out of 40 for their first score.

In a video package before their first dance, the Dance Moms alum was seen having a joyous reaction when she opened the studio door and saw Johnson was her partner. "This is a whole new ball game for me. I've never done anything ballroom before," Siwa told the cameras. "It's a learning experience that I'm more than ready for."

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Though Johnson had a small slip during their performance, she and Siwa continued on and even earned the highest score of the night.

In August, Siwa was the first of two contestants to be announced along with Olympic gymnast Suni Lee, and made history as the first female celebrity paired with a female pro dancer.

Speaking about the history-making pairing, Siwa said before her dance: "For the first time in Dancing with the Stars history, I am dancing with another female, and I'm really, really proud. I came out in early 2021 and what I love to do is make truly being who you are easier for kids."

"History made," Johnson shared on Instagram after night 1. "JoJo Siwa. There aren't enough words to express my absolute admiration for you. The moment I met you, I knew that you were going to change my life. You are full of love, laughter, positivity, and GLITTER!!! Thank you for an epic night… (and saving me from falling flat on my face 😵) FIRST EVER SAME SEX COUPLE!!!! And I'm proud to say it. Night one down and (hopefully) many more to go!"

Siwa also posted on Instagram, calling her debut "the best ever."

"I can't even believe that week 1 is over!!! @jennajohnson I couldn't ask for a better partner! Thank you for taking me through this process while making it the most fun ever. The CREW on DWTS is so amazing, the CAST is all so fun!" she wrote. "Making history and Top score of the night was literally a dream come true for me. Chase every dream you have and believe in yourself. Know that I love you all and I am smiling so big right now because of you, we did this!!"

Maarten de Boer/abc

The Nickelodeon star, who publicly came out as LGBTQ in January on social media, recently spoke with PEOPLE (the TV Show!) and shared how her pairing with Johnson came to be. "They asked, would I be more comfortable with a female or with a male and immediately I knew for myself I would be way more comfortable with a girl," Siwa said.

"I have a chance right now to make history and to break down a barrier and there's nothing that I would rather do than that," she shared.

Siwa also addressed whether she thinks her background in dance gives her a leg up on the upcoming season of the competition show. "I don't," she said. "I explain it as a football player trying to play basketball. I also think, too, I'm going to be judged a lot harder."

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays on ABC.

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