Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC

By Heather Morris
April 10, 2017 05:16 PM

I was crying in a way that I don’t love to cry. A burst of emotions flowing out of me at one simple mention of my son; the tears flowed out of me like a waterfall. And this is not a cry I like to have on camera, it’s a tearful moment where any sane person would think to them self I can’t believe I look this awful crying right now. These are the kinds of thoughts pulsating through my head the last couple of days, and I can’t tend to shake them.

This weeks theme on DWTS is our “Most Memorable Year,” and like every other common girl I chose MY WEDDING — I have no shame, especially since I worked my ass off to plan it and it was the best day of my life.

When thinking back on my ideals for getting hitched, I never dreamed or pictured a certain dress at the altar; I never thought or had any sort of wishes for how my future would unfold (nor did I envision what kind of house I would be living in, like we so commonly dreamt up in the childhood game of M-A-S-H). I simply just believed in having a family and how meaningful that was to me, and that was all I truly needed. I pictured things like playing games with my kids and having important discussions around the dinner table, just as I did with my family growing up. But, never once through it all did I dream I’d be having to explain to millions of viewers, what my future husband or marriage genuinely meant to me. And that’s exactly what I was here to do this week, to spill out ALL of the specifics about my ENTIRE relationship with my true love, Taylor Hubbell, and in addition, all the beautiful details that went into making our BIG day so gloriously special.

Even before my big sit-down interview started, I figured, How hard can it be just explaining just those few simple things? It’s just like acting; tell a story. One would think I’d be sort of used to getting teary-eyed on camera by now, right? Well, let me assure you the feeling of freely letting myself go emotionally, knowing that a countless number of people are watching me in their very own homes, was a VERY different experience. This is not the ME playing a character that I’m so accustomed to on television, this is the ME that’s raw and real, with no lines and no gimmicks.

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I did fine through most of it; of course they wanna know more details than you’d probably even tell your own dog behind closed doors. I explained in the best way possible that our wedding was truly a perfect one; it was simple and rustic and we were alongside all of our loved ones, dancing the night away in celebration of our marriage. But at one simple mention of my son, looking all cute and dapper in his miniature suit we rented for our wedding day, I was crying faster than a toddler does for toys. I think any woman can relate at that moment that motherhood is extremely revealing, and can draw out emotions you never knew you were capable of. But that’s the truth of it all. And there’s no shame in that. So yes I cried, and yes my cry was embarrassing …

But I will say, for this week’s actual DANCE, Alan and Maks created such a wonderful balance between the telling of my own story and the actual dancing itself; it truly embraces what a blast my wedding day was and everything thereafter in life that I find so damn rewarding. To boast just a teeny bit, my dance this week is a prime example of why I think viewers tune in every week: to find their own personal passion, the stories that they relate to in the celebrities, coming alive through the dancing (and that’s enough for me to get over the fact that I cried like a 12-year-old girl this week).

On a side note, let’s just get real for a quick second and talk about the COSTUME!! I’m confident when I say it will be inspiring for many a soon to be brides, I’m sure of it.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.