Adam Larkey/ABC (2)
April 27, 2010 12:00 AM

PAIN IN THE NECK: Evan Lysacek — who already broke his toes — once again suffered an injury this week when he got a concussion during rehearsal. Was falling on his neck bad as it sounded on TV? “It was twice as loud in real life,” he says. “When you have an accident like that, you get scared when you hear that noise. I thought, ‘Oh no, I have to skate tonight.'” But he did and later he flew back to Los Angeles for more rehearsals. He still has headaches, but otherwise he’s fine — except for that low score of 21 on Monday night. “We were disappointed,” he explains. “But I think they were expecting more from us. So we have to go back to the drawing board.”

SWINGER’S STRATEGY: How did Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Erin Andrews — the tallest of the dancing pairs — come in second in the swing dance marathon? It wasn’t easy, Maks admits. “I can’t be lifted because of my length, and same with Erin. She’s really tall,” he says. “We were lucky enough to dance the jive last week, so we incorporated some of that routine, and then I said, ‘Back to the samba.'”

TIGHTENING UP: Nicole Scherzinger says she’s noticed changes in her body since she started on Dancing. “I’ve gained weight,” she insists. “I’ve gained muscle in my arms and my legs.” Though Scherzinger hasn’t weighed herself, partner Derek Hough agrees with her conclusion: “I’m the one who has to lift her!” The Pussycat Doll says the strength is a boon — but the the stiff neck she was left with after a bad flip during the swing competition? Not so much. “I’ve got to get it worked on,” she said, unable to turn her head. “For now, it’s just a nuisance.”

CREATIVE DIFFERENCES: Cheryl Burke and Chad Ochocinco may have been in sync on the dance floor Monday, but their pre-show rituals couldn’t be more different. “I put lots of tan on my body. I like to warm up and go through the routine a few times. I make sure we’re ready to go before we step onto the dance floor,” says Burke. Meanwhile, Chad says, “I like to have some McDonald’s and Starbucks in my trailer, smoke a cigar — anything Cuban — and listen to Rick Ross on my CD player.”

RHYTHMICALLY CHALLENGED: Alyssa Milano may star in the new ABC sitcom Romantically Challenged, but the actress, who was in the audience at Monday night’s show, confesses that she’s more worried about her dance move than her love life. “I’m not a good dancer. I have good ’80s moves,” she says. “If there’s an ’80s Dancing with the Stars, I’d win that disco ball thing!” She also — regrettably — isn’t a good voter. Though she watched her former Charmed costar Shannen Doherty perform on the show, she says she didn’t pick up the phone. “I didn’t vote for her and I didn’t think she should go home,” she confessed. “Which is a lesson. I should have voted.” Doherty was the first to go this season on DWTS. –Lisa IngrassiaAdam Larkey/ABC (2)

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