"If laundry was outside, I probably would do it more often because I love the outdoors," says the Dancing with the Stars judge

Derek Hough's talents on the dance floor are well documented, as are his abilities in making difficult activities look good. When it comes to a certain domestic chore, however, the Dancing with the Stars judge admits he has some room for improvement.

"My laundry skills? On a scale between zero and 10, I would give myself a negative one," Hough, 35, admits with a laugh in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue. "I'm good at folding though! I love actually cleaning up the house and I love yard work. I'm an outdoor yard work guy every single day, but laundry, it's not my game."

Hough's girlfriend Hayley Erbert agrees with the dance pro's assessment. She happened to call during his PEOPLE interview, so Hough asked for her rating of his laundry skills.

"I would rate that a zero," Herbert, 26, said via speakerphone, making Hough laugh again.

SMA a change in scenery - derek hough
Derek Hough
| Credit: Jonny Marlow

Hough, who is featured doing his laundry outdoors in the "Change of Scenery" act in this year's Sexiest Man Alive issue, admits that he'd be much better at laundry if all the equipment was set up in his backyard.

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"If laundry was outside, I probably would do it more often because I love the outdoors," Hough says. "I love being outside in the fresh air, [with] the fresh detergent smell, the clean. Yeah. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by the smell of their detergent."

Although the pandemic and quarantine has presented a variety of challenges for everyone, Hough says he's learned to slow down a bit and relax.

"What I've learned about myself this year is that I'm okay not to be busy," Hough says. "I love being busy. I love being active. I love just always working. But I've learned I can actually just relax and be home and do chores and do arts and crafts and just kind of fun things, learn how to cook with my girlfriend. I'm a great sous-chef!"