"They say freestyle normally wins this competition," he says. "We nailed our freestyle"
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

After landing his first perfect score on Monday night for a high-flying, boot-scooting freestyle, Dancing with the Stars finalist Donald Driver is feeling highly confident going into Tuesday’s results show.

“I felt great. I feel like I’ve reached the goal that we tried to reach for nine weeks. It took week 10 to get a 10, and I’m okay with that,” he told PEOPLE after the show. “They say freestyle normally wins this competition. We nailed our freestyle. And we felt like we had the best freestyle out of anybody that was up in this competition.”

Driver’s partner Peta Murgatroyd says they worked hard to earn that perfection.

“We had so much adrenaline. We had so much passion and fire to get that 10,” she said. “We just loved our dances, and we love dancing with one another, and I think it really showed.”

But Murgatroyd – a relative newcomer compared to Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas, who are also competing in the finale – says she’ll be fine no matter what Tuesday’s results may be.

“Whatever happens,” she said, “I’m thrilled to be standing in the finals with him. Wouldn’t want to be there with anyone else.”

They’re up against Burke and her celebrity partner William Levy, who’s taking in stride Len Goodman’s critique of his booty-shaking freestyle dance.

“Freestyle is all about having fun and making people have fun and doing crazy things,” Levy said, “so I think we did what we were supposed to do.”

Rounding out the top three are Ballas and singer Katherine Jenkins, who are atop the leaderboard after a full night of perfect scores. “I have to thank [Mark], because he pushed me so hard this week,” Jenkins told PEOPLE. “But it was totally worth it and I think it’s all paid off: We’ve never gotten a 10 from Len until tonight, so we’re happy with that.”

As for who will win, it’s anyone’s guess, but former DWTS champ Jennifer Grey has a feeling she knows who it will be.

“My bet is Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd,” Grey told PEOPLE on Tuesday. “I think it was the tightest final I’ve ever seen. I think that Katherine Jenkins is incredible. I think she’s been amazing through the whole season, as has William Levy. But I’m feelin’ Donald.”