Jennings was crowned the season 24 winner of Dancing with the Stars — but dance isn't the only skill that he's mastered

By Natalie Stone
May 31, 2017 08:10 PM

Rashad Jennings mastered the art of dance on this season of Dancing with the Stars — but that isn’t the only skill that the NFL star has under his belt.

Since entering the NFL in 2009, the running back has expanded his list of talents by picking up a new craft during every off season. And this year, the season 24 DWTS Mirrorball Trophy winner opted for dance.

“This off season I wanted to pick up dance and it so happened that I’m on Dancing with the Stars,” 32-year-old Jennings told PEOPLE. “The best way to do it.”

Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

“Every off season, every single off season since I’ve been in the NFL, I pick up a new craft,” said Jennings, who has checked “guitar, poetry, archery and fencing” off his list.

His reasoning for pursuing skills off the football field? “I love to learn!” he explained.

Additionally, another one of Jennings’ — who hopes to be picked up by an NFL team this year — skills is guitar, which he was inspired to pick up because of a Grammy-winning musician.

“John Mayer’s the reason why I picked up the guitar,” admitted Jennings, who loves music, including country. “The only genre of music that I can’t get down to is blue grass. Other than that, techno, rap, R&B, soul, whatever you throw on, I’m going to absolutely love!”

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Though his time on the reality dancing competition series has come to an end, he’ll continue showcasing his dance moves this summer on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars: Live! — Hot Summer Nights tour.

“It’s so fun,” Jennings told PEOPLE of spending the summer traveling the country with his DWTS family. “I get to continue to dance and train for football. When a team calls, I’m ready. Until then, I’m training and dancing — they’ll know I’m in shape.”

While he may constantly be on the go, Jennings makes sure to prioritize balance in his ever-busy schedule.

“I’m always having fun, I’m always working, I give everything 100 percent. I don’t get too down,” said Jennings. “Life is short and I want to leave my mark — I want to leave something worth mimicking.”